Legal Termination of a Warlock (Press Release)

For Immediate Release Legal Termination of a Warlock April 10, 2017 Somewhere in Flyover Land – How do you legally terminate a warlock from his gainful employment?  This and...

For Immediate Release

Legal Termination of a Warlock

April 10, 2017

Somewhere in Flyover Land – How do you legally terminate a warlock from his gainful employment?  This and other deep and pressing questions will be pondered by Todd Allen in a new sequence of stories being distributed via the Kickstarter platform at:

“When I was freelancing for the Chicago Tribune, my journalistic role model was Carl Kolchak,” explains author Todd Allen.  “I see no reason to stray from that path.”

A long time journalist and Mystery Writers of America member, Allen’s returning to fiction with a new series of novelettes marrying the urban fantasy/horror detective genre with satire and sarcasm.

“Genres are meant to be bent,” says Allen.  “Mister Lewis bills himself as a ‘physics consultant,’ although he really specializes in things that defy the laws of physics and go bump in the night.  As ‘consultant,’ this often involves doing unpleasant work for unpleasant people in bizarre situations.  Determining if the rash of dying musicians is something other than a coincidence.  Getting to the bottom of an alleged curse on a baseball stadium.  Helping HR with that unwanted employee who practices the dark arts.  He’s a fixer.  Hammet’s Continental Op or Chandler’s tarnished knight for hire in a world where the absurd comes to life and tries to eat you.”

The sequence of stories being offered is:

  • Legal Termination of a Warlock: The tech startup really needs to fire somebody before the sexual harassment suits start dropping, so why not that employee they’re sure is a warlock?  After all, nobody wants an older employee at a tech company, but how do document cause for termination on a warlock?
  • The Gentrified Bodega: The building was sold.  The neighborhood was said to be improving and those condos were going to fetch a pretty penny.  There’s just one problem – the bodega on the first floor wasn’t always a bodega and there was something that didn’t want to move out.
  • The Hipster From Hell: You expect hipsters to worship irony.  You don’t expect prayers to irony to get answered, but then again, who makes a blood sacrifice to irony?
  • Surveillance From Beyond the Veil: Wiretaps?  Fine.  Computer viruses? Fine. Corporate spies that literally haunt the walls?  That’s a different type of clean up.
  • The Soul Tariff: A tax on departing souls causes a backup at the funeral parlor.
  • Term Limits Don’t Matter If You Have Enough Children: An old acquaintance resurfaces and takes nepotism to unheard of levels.

“Nobody needs to go into this flying blind,” offers Allen.  “Pop over to Kickstarter and you’ll find links to read the first two stories in this format: All the Dead Musicians and The Curse of the Goat for free.”

About Todd Allen

Todd splits his time between technology consulting and writing.  He’s written on technology topics for Chicago Tribune, The Next Web and Startup Grind; on the comics industry for Publishers Weekly and The Beat; and was a dual threat as humor columnist and NBA/WNBA columnist for New York Resident.  He wrote the Division and Rush webcomic and three editions of the college textbook Economics of Digital Comics.  He’s consulted on technical topics for the American Medical Association, National PTA, McDonald’s, TransUnion and taught eBusiness at Columbia College Chicago.


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