Kyle Cassie’s Brief ‘Deadpool’ Role Comes Directly From Comic Books

"I'm the super confused stoner douch-bag who owns the apartment and tries to stand up to Deadpool." - Kyle Cassie

Although he does not have a massive amount of screen time in the new ‘Deadpool’ movie. Actor Kyle Cassie has the unique distinction of being the only person in the ‘Deadpool’ movie to be quoting words directly from the actual comics.

According to Marvel Wiki Kyle’s role of Gavin Merchant is pretty much killed in his only comic book appearance and gets seen off in the movie as well. Kyle-Cassie

Here’s Kyle’s description of the scene:
Basically in a nutshell Deadpool, character name – Wade Wilson, comes into my apartment to tell the pizza guy, character name – Jeremy Garrett that he needs to stop stalking a friend of his named Meghan Orlovsky.

I’m the super confused stoner douch-bag who owns the apartment and tries to stand up to Deadpool. He puts me in my place and the scene continues with me and pizza guy (Jeremy Garrett) trying to figure what the hell is happening.

(Thanks To Our Friend Holly Carinci For The Tip)


In related ‘Deadpool’ news it has recently been revealed that a second movie is already in the works. In a recent chat to Digital Spy the films writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said we should expect to see them return for ‘Deadpool 2’.

“Ryan always says, ‘I don’t want anyone but you guys putting words into Deadpool’s mouth’, and that’s the highest compliment we could ever have,” said Reese.

“So, as involved as they’ll let us be, we will be involved. We’re very protective of the character, and Ryan is very protective of us.”

According to an item in the Hollywood Reporter. The powers that be have already signed off on ‘Deadpool 2’.


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