KWC Film Fest In Review: Fatherless

A young physicist with a troubled past, Logan Avery, seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood.

Synopsis: In Fatherless. A young physicist with a troubled past, Logan Avery, seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood.


Review: This film was the other runner-up for the SciFiPulse Award at the KWC Film Fest and it’s a movie that uses time travel in a clever and dramatic way.


The Story

When young physicist Logan Avery fails to get funding for his theories. He meets university lecturer and fellow physicist Dr. Kevin Albreit who shows some faith in Logan and tries to help him. Logan feels very much held back by his past and wishes to travel back in time in order to try and fix his childhood. But before he can do that. He has to learn a few harsh truths and come to terms with his personal demons.


The Acting

Aside from being a masterclass in well written and nuanced characters. Fatherless is a masterclass in acting because the relationship we see play out between the two leads felt very real in that it didn’t feel like the two actors were acting at all. Chad Eric Smith is solid in the main character of Logan and his scenes with Michael Mau’s Kevin Albreit seemed effortless, which is just as well given that some of the scenes are both deeply philosophical and emotional. The two characters are polar opposites. Dr. Kevin Albreit is very much a believer in human potential and its relationship with science. Whereas Logan. When we meet him. Has lost faith in both science and himself.



Fatherless, which is written and directed by William M. Crouch does a deep dive into the human condition by spotlighting Logan’s regrets and grief about his childhood. The story starts with Logan as a boy getting adopted, which is also how the story ends, which is a pretty big clue. I loved the film’s message and the way in which it discusses some very philosophical topics and examines the value of science and taking a leap of faith. Added to all of this is some great dialogue that is carried off brilliantly by two solid actors.

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