A cute time travel story about a man and his cat

Synopsis: “Blake” is a heartwarming short film about a man and his cat. And time travel.

Review: In our final review of the SciFiPulse Award entrants into this year’s KWC Film Fest. We look at the winning entry ‘Blake’, which will make the hearts of all cat lovers melt with its fairytale quality.


The Story

A grief-stricken man wishes really hard for one last day with his recently deceased cat and finds himself mysterious whisked backward in time. Subsequently, he finds himself getting a whole week in which mush playful cat games ensue. How did this time travel happen? Was it Blake manipulating events from the heavens? Who knows. This is a simple story of a man reconnecting with his much-loved cat.


The Acting

Dave Busch, who also wrote and directed this short takes on the role of the grief-stricken cat owner and manages to win the goofy face of the year award in the scenes where he catches onto the fact that he is getting the extra time with his cat, which he wished for. Much of the heavy lifting in terms of acting is done by Dave Busch’s cat Avon who plays the role of Blake. Is it just me or are there definite ‘Blake’s 7’ references in this film? Either way, the cat acting in this was top notch and have been told that there are lots of outtakes.



This film won the award because it was a really simple story and was unusual in that it was about a man time traveling to reunite with his cat. It’s usually the death of a loved one or to assassinate some vindictive dictator that inspires time travel plots. Never a cat. That said cats run so fast they can probably time travel anyway. Either way. This was a really sweet film, which was very obviously straight from the heart.

As one of the judges on the panel for these awards. I connected on a somewhat emotional level with the story. I’m a cat guardian myself and have had a number of feline besties throughout my life. So am very familiar with the feelings of loss when you lose a cat to disease or just old age. In a way, this movie is the ultimate wish fulfillment for cat lovers everywhere. Especially those who form very strong bonds with their feline friends.

In terms of cinematography. The film does well. I loved the scene where the main actor awakens on what looked to be a clear summer’s day and manages to capture somewhat of a magical quality from the wild grass and surrounding treeline. I also enjoyed how the film’s soundtrack manages to capture the whimsy and joy of some key moments in the film.


You can find out more about Blake and writer and director Dave Busch at

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