KOTOR : Some Star Wars Legends Casting on A Potential Movie Adaptation

In 2019 I wrote this article. About what I'd like to see in a KOTOR film. Star Wars fans know the story doesn't end there

In 2019 I wrote this article. About what I’d like to see in a KOTOR film. Star Wars fans know the story doesn’t end there, so what could a KOTOR 2 film or series look like? Here are my thoughts.


Emily VanCamp as Meetra Surik/the Jedi Exile

MCU fans will know this performer from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in which she plays Sharon Carter AKA The Powerbroker (read our thoughts on the ramifications of that show here). VanCamp has that girl next door vibe that the Exile should have. As well as being combat trained and capable of showing a darker side to her character. Brian Blessed once said that Flash Gordon worked because of the character’s purity and innocence. I believe that Peggy Carter’s onscreen granddaughter has this quality in spades. Given the grimdark nature and setup of KOTOR 2. An Exile played by VanCamp could be a compelling and watchable protagonist; as she fights to heal the galaxy and confront her past.


Clare Higgins as Kreia

After rewatching Night of the DoctorClare Higgins struck me as a very Kreia like character. Both in terms of looks and purpose. I’d say that this actor has the skillset to portray the most complicated Star Wars antagonist. Perhaps a KOTOR 2 film would work if we never actually see Higgins wield a lightsaber but manipulate and gaslight the Exile and her crew through sheer willpower and use of the Force. The writers could even bring in the idea that what we see on screen is not necessarily reality. With Kreia being so powerful that she can reveal or conceal the truth as she sees fit. This would also provide a great foil character to VanCamp’s Exile.


Danny Pudi as Atton Rand

In my opinion Pudi has the acting chops to portray this scoundrel who has hidden depths. Based on his work in Community I could easily see this thespian showing Atton’s darkness that lives just beneath his surface. I also feel that the former Abed Nadir could put across Atton’s deepening feelings for the Exile. Showing the good man buried beneath layers of guilt and self loathing. Also, Donald Glover plays Lando Calrissian in Star Wars so it might be fun to see the Atton/Abed and Troy/Lando fan videos that would result from Pudi playing this role. Really though, I’d just like to see Pudi ask VanCamp “Are you an angel?” and then say “That’s the worst line I’ve ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn’t start using it.”


Legends or Canon?


This reviewer believes that KOTOR 2 would work better as an ongoing TV series. We could see flashbacks of Revan, Bastila et al as the Exile travels from planet to planet, uncovering her past. Perhaps it would work if the entire of KOTOR 1 was told through flashbacks. Letting viewers fill in their own versions of what else happened, as you can in the game. This would help to build Revan’s mystique and set them up as this great and unknowable force that manipulated the galaxy. Perhaps we could see our heroes interact with Revan through flashbacks. This would also help sell the idea of Meetra Surik as the genuine ray of hope the galaxy desperately needs. If Revan fell to the dark side. I also feel as though there’s a danger of a KOTOR 2 series becoming too dark. That would be where Atton and HK-47 come in.


All of this is just pure speculation at the time of writing. I know there are those who are dead against a KOTOR film. I’m just such a massive fan of the games as they helped me during a very difficult time with my mental health. Perhaps it’s better if Revan, Bastila and Meetra exist in game form only. That way there is no “official” version of what happened and fans can speculate and create fan works to their heart’s content. I’d just like to see these characters in live action as they’ve become like friends we’ve known for so long. Seeing Revan kiss Bastila and defeat Malak on the big screen would vindicate our journeys too and let us know; we are good enough.


Would you like to see a KOTOR or KOTOR 2 film or series? Do you agree with what I have suggested? Please leave a comment and remember; it is such a quiet thing to fall. But far more terrible it is to admit it.

I'm a writer on the autistic spectrum who loves sci-fi, cosplay and poetry. I'm also an actor with Theatre of the Senses.
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