kill off Kate Kane & DO NOT Recast Batwoman

The Super Hero business is a dangerous profession and when Heroes die new Heroes are born!

Fans of the CW’s Batwoman were jolted into a state of disbelief with the recent news that series lead, Ruby Rose, had decided to leave one of the network’s fan-favorite shows after just one season.

While the ongoing coronavirus crisis had robbed dedicated Bat-fans of precious episodes, the series at least went out with a bang as Alice (Rachel Skarsten) killed off her adopted evil-brother Mouse (Sam Littlefield), just as the CW’s Arrowverse introduced the face of Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie).

This one reveal alone in what became the Batwoman season finale, may actually be the first clue to the unfolding of the next Arrowverse crossover event, rumored to be a Batwoman/Superman World’s Finest style team-up. But regardless, just giving Bat-fans the face of Bruce Wayne was a huge step, which would have given fans months worth of Bat-speculation and fan theory to keep the fan base Bat-occupied until the Batwoman season 2 premiere.

But all that changed with the abrupt news of Ruby Rose deciding to exit the show after just one season saying, “I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season. This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved in the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles.

While Rose’s comments continued and did end with, “. . . Thank you to everyone who made season one a success – I am truly grateful.” What her statement did not directly do or directly address, was the impact and affect her departure would have on not just Ruby’s fan base, but Bat-fans generally who gave the show a chance and grew to accept and love the actress as Kate Kane and the Batwoman.

While I have come to accept that Ruby Rose is a person apart from being a public figure with a right to a personal life, I was also a fan of the show who not only loved Ruby as Batwoman, but loved what she had come to represent for fans across the spectrum of the show’s fanbase.

Whether you are simply a comic geek like me, a fan-member of the LGBTQ community, or an ally to the GLBTQ community (as I am as well), and/or a fan for who the image of what any strong person can be, regardless of gender, but specifically as a fierce woman, has come to represent for social justice along with the image of what a Hero means to everyday people, especially in the midst of everything going on in not just the United States, but in the world as a whole today; we need our heroes! So if truth be told, I couldn’t help but feel let down.

I will admit to being at first quite upset with Ruby Rose and in my fan’s anger saying out loud and frustrated, “That wasn’t very SUPER of Ms. Rose!

To which my wife thankfully made me realize that I didn’t know what was going on in Ruby’s life and that it was unfair of me to blame the actress for what was I am sure a very hard decision for her to have to make.

And while I did let the anger go from a rational perspective, the fan in me still did not want to accept Rose’s departure and what it might mean for the show, along with the uncertainty of replacing and having to get to know a new actress as Batwoman.

And then a solution hit me in a way that actually gave my inner fan a delightful hope for a brighter Batwoman season 2 and beyond, with what I believe could be a natural progression and continuality of the Batwoman saga, rather than a reintroduction of Kate Kane with an all together newly casted actress.

The Super Hero business is a DANGEROUS profession and Heroes die all the time, as is evident in the CW’s newest Super Hero show, Stargirl, and the fate of members of the original Justice Society.

And while we Batwoman fans have grown to love and respect not just Batwoman and her alter ego Kate Kane, we have also come to love Ruby Rose as the embodiment of our quintessential Batwoman and champion for everything she stood for from a fan and cultural perspective.

So what if we can honor both Ruby Rose’s need to move on, as well as the fan’s need to still have Ruby Rose as our original Batwoman? What better way to honor Kate Kane than to have her sacrifice herself for the good of Gotham City and in the truest sense of the word Hero, die a noble and heroic death that would stand for something, and inspire other Heroes to rise in her place.

Isn’t it the classic and almost cliché center piece of every Hero’s defining origin story to lose someone special to them in such a way that their death serves to inspire the Hero against all odds and in the face of great adversity to rise to the challenge, before then becoming the Hero they never thought they were capable of becoming?

Could not Kat Kane’s death as Batwoman inspire not just Gotham City, but also and especially those around Kate Kane, who were either struggling to help her succeed in her secret bat-mission, or were fighting to bring her down!?

I believe that the death of Batwoman and Kate Kane would serve to strengthen Arrowverse canon rather than weaken it, in so many ways. Wouldn’t Batwoman and Kate Kane’s death actually serve to help the show, Gotham City, the remaining core Bat-characters, as well those of other Arrowverse shows to grow into better versions of themselves?

Do we not ultimately find inspiration and higher purpose and meaning in the heroic example of those who make the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live? Isn’t that why the Hero does what they do? To protect and inspire those who can’t protect themselves.

In the first instance, those fans like myself could let go of their hurt Bat-feelings by allowing Ruby Rose to move on, yet still and forever be our first Batwoman, while at the same time creating a compelling story line that is a more natural continuation of the Arrowverse, with a beautiful Hero-filled and emotional funeral which would help the show say farewell and move on from Ruby’s departure.

But perhaps even more importantly, CW’s Batwoman along with Earth-Prime, could find new Hero’s rising from the tragedy to watch over Gotham City and carry on the Bat-Legacy. And perhaps chief among these New Heroes could first be the introduction of DC Comic’s Batwing, who is in fact Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson).

Likewise, in the seventh episode of Batwoman’s first season, “Tell Me the Truth“, we saw Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe), who is herself a kick ass spy, as well as an old flame and trainer of Kate Kane’s, who also happens to be the child of Bruce Wayne’s Bat-Guy-Friday and family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

And Julia Pennyworth was able to go toe to toe with Batwoman, while also stepping into the role of Batwoman in the same episode, in order to help out her former lover Kate.

So we already know of one series character who could easily step in and fit into Kate Kane’s Bat-Suit. AND she is also a Lesbian character who could continue on with the important LGBTQ component of the show’s Bat-lead, which was in truth an important part of the CW’s Batwoman and ongoing legacy.

But Christina Wolfe is not the only strong, female, GLBTQ series character who could theoretically put on the Red wig and Bat-cowl. Julia Pennyworth’s new found girlfriend also happens to be the ex-love interest of Kate Kane, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), who could also be a strong candidate to perhaps be trained by Julia to pick up where Kate left off, as a tribute to her now dead and former true love.

Both Julia and Sophie could also Bat-team the Batwoman role as needed, if not either of them becoming some other Bat-family super hero, such as Batgirl, who could be the equivalent of Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.

By the same token, the show could leave the mantle of Batwoman open until a cast regular might later take up or grow into the role, with either Julia or Sophie, or both, becoming the costumed Huntress, Spoiler, Orphan, Gotham Girl, Bluebird, The Phantasm, or even the Black Bat!?

Likewise, CW’s Batwoman also be graced with some other Bat-Family reoccurring cameos such as Jason Todd as Red-Hood or even Tim Drake as Red Robin?


And by the same token lets not forget about Gotham City Detective Renee Montoya, whose character was played by Rosie Perez in the recent Birds of Prey movie. While the CW would clearly hire another actress for the role, Renee Montoya was one of Kate Kane’s biggest loves within the DC comic universe. She might also make a great GLBTQ inspired future Batwoman.

But the real point is that rather than hiring some new actress to fill in for Ruby Rose at the outset of season 2, what if we never had to lose Ruby Rose? What if Batwoman’s producers simply allowed Kate Kane’s Batwoman to always remain in Gotham’s loving memory precisely because of her ultimate sacrifice for the City, as a true hero and shining example of all that she stood for!

Tye Bourdony is the co-owner of as well as the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. Tye is also a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, deep space traveler, and the lead interstellar reporter for the Galactic Enquirer. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Family Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine. You can visit Tye on facebook and at or send your thoughts and story/article ideas to [email protected]
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