Kenny Baker Replaced By Jimmy Vee For ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’

Jimmy Vee takes over R2D2 Role From Kenny Baker

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has become much more than the 7th ‘Star Wars’ movie. It is now the end of an era.

For all the ‘Star Wars’ movies to date actor Kenny Baker has been the individual that has always been under the hood of lovable droid R2D2 and the actor along with his onscreen counterpart C3PO as played by Anthony Daniels have always been popular at conventions around the world.

However this partnership looks like it will be only for the convention scene after the current ‘Star Wars’ movie because ‘Doctor Who’ actor Jimmy Vee has been spotted in the R2D2 unit doing scenes with Mark Hamil for ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’.

The scenes were apparently shot on Irish island Skellig Michael, a location also used for The Force Awakens.

Investigating the sudden change in casting Digital Spy reached out to the ‘Star Wars’ production office and await official confirmation.

Kenny Baker who is now 81 – years old have been playing and making public appearances as R2D2 since the very start back in 1976.


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