Katelyn Mager Chats With SFP-NOW About Percy Jackson & Charlotte’s Song

"It was an incredible experience. It’s hard to even describe how lucky I felt and how grateful I was to be a part of something so amazing." -Katelyn Mager

Katelyn Mager has been acting since the age of 4. At 15 her star is on the rise. As far as genre projects go. Katelyn has had roles in TV series such as ‘Supernatural’ and played the role of Thalia in ‘Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters.’

We were lucky enough to catch up with Katelyn For SFP-NOW and ask her about her acting and some of the roles she has played thus far.

Below Is A Brief Preview Of What Katelyn Shared:

SFP: Perhaps your break out role was Thalia in the second ‘Percy Jackson’ film. How did you find working on that set?

Katelyn Mager: It was an incredible experience. It’s hard to even describe how lucky I felt and how grateful I was to be a part of something so amazing. All of the people that I filmed with were my family by the time I’d finished filming. Everyone was kind and generous to everyone else.

SFP: What was the audition process like for The film?

Katelyn Mager: It’s a funny story. When I first auditioned for Thalia I was in Hawaii on a family vacation. So we sent in a tape for it. Then they liked the tape. So when we got back from Hawaii they called me in and did a taping. Then we did a director producer session and after that I booked the role.

SFP: Did the director and producer sessions allow you any input into the role?

Katelyn Majer: The director Thor Freudenthal was very helpful and had me act out the entire think. If I wasn’t doing it a way that he specifically wanted me to he’d come up in front of the camera and help me do it the way he’d envisioned it.

SFP: Looking at the cast of ‘Percy Jackson’. You have an incredible list of actors ranging from Anthony Head through to Stanley Tucci. Did you initially feel a little starstruck working with them?

Katelyn Mager: No… I felt very lucky to be working with such experienced actors, but they’re just people and though they’ve done incredible things. I feel that we’re all actors and we’re all there to do the same thing and without every single person that was involved. The film wouldn’t have been possible.

SFP: One of your more recent films is Charlottes Song. For those that haven’t heard of or seen the film yet. What can you tell us about it?

Katelyn Mager: It is a film that is based 1920s and it’s about this family who has six sisters and their mother is a Mermaid, but they don’t know this. They do know that their mothers voice makes people see their greatest desires, but then my mother finds out that I’ m a Mermaid as well and to save me she has to sacrifice herself. So my mother dies, which leaves me with my father and six sisters in the film. And I have to take over the show because our family runs a show doing singing and dancing and that’s how we make money from people.

The business starts to go under. But because I have this power that makes people see their desires we start to make money, but then this bad man who is played by Iwan Rheon comes and tries to destroy the family business and he turns out to be a Merman.


You can listen to the complete version of this interview by clicking play on the audio player below:

 You can learn more about ‘Charlotte’s Song’ At: https://www.facebook.com/CharlottesSong

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