Kansas Bowling on her career and her latest film, B.C. Butcher

"...I always knew I wanted to shoot film the entirety of my career and didn't question it for a second..."

Like many, Kansas Bowling has been interested in film her entire life. Unlike many, Bowling had the conviction to actually start making short films with her friends at the age of 13. This passion led to her filming music videos before taking a leap and directing her first feature length movie, B.C. Butcher at the age of seventeen. Wanting to learn more about her career and B.C. Butcher, Bowling allowed me to interview her for ScifiPulse.

To learn more about Kansas Bowling, check out her homepage and follow her on twitter at @KANSASBOWLING.

Nicholas Yanes: What are some movies that you love re-watching? Are there any you think specifically inspired you to pursue film production?

Kansas Bowling: Don Juan or If Don Juan Were A Woman is a perfect movie that deserves multiple viewings! Creepshow sparked a passion for the cartoonish and bizarre in me at a young age.

Yanes: Most people your age interested in film production would just be finishing college. Given your success, what do you think you could learn from a traditional film school?

Bowling: There are still a lot of things I have yet to learn in the film world but I can learn them much more efficiently by pursuing them rather than going to school.

Yanes: On this note, what do you think you’ve learned from just making films that film schools fail to teach?

Bowling: I can’t properly answer this because I have never been to film school, but I now know how to make a movie – pre, production, and post – and how to distribute, advertise, and create a name for myself. You can probably learn all of the above in school but it makes more sense to just go ahead and do it on your own.

Yanes: You’ve directed a few music videos. How do you think other young directors could benefit from creating music videos?

Bowling: Yes – I have either released, completed, shot, or am in the process of shooting 18 different music videos. Music videos are very good to practice your directing skills and very useful for learning how to create effective visuals!

Yanes: Your feature film is B.C. Butcher. When you say B.C. Butcher’s elevator pitch, what films do you compare it to?

Bowling: One Million Years B.C. meets Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, or the poster’s tagline “if Russ Meyer directed The Monkees.”

Yanes: What was the inspiration for B.C. Butcher?

Bowling: Joey Ramone! It may not show, but he inspired every second of the film.

Yanes: When developing the story for B.C. Butcher, were there any elements of the film that took on a life of their own?

Bowling: Kato Kaelin!!! He is hilarious and improvised everything.

Yanes: You started learning to make films on an 8mm and filmed B.C. Butcher using a 16mm. Why are you drawn to using these types of films? Is it just for budget issues or do you feel that 16mm captures something other recorders don’t?

Bowling: It was an aesthetic choice that I am very glad I made! I always knew I wanted to shoot film the entirety of my career and didn’t question it for a second. I didn’t think my movie would count as a real movie if it weren’t on film.

Yanes: When people finish watching B.C. Butcher, what feelings do you hope they leave with?

Bowling: As long as they made it to the end, any feelings are fine with me!

Yanes: Finally, what are some things you are working on that people can look forward to?

Bowling: I am shooting a movie in Costa Rica soon that I am co-writing directed by Tori Pope (see here Vimeo page here) and I am also going to direct another feature very soon (can’t say much else). I am also starring alongside Violet Paley in a movie directed by Jessica Janos and I am directing many music videos from bands all around the world! Look out for new videos for Daphne Guinness, GRIT, Taffy, Livingmore, The Moonkids, Stray Echo, TILLI, The Fontaines, and many more!!!

Remember, to learn more about Kansas Bowling, you check out her homepage and follow her on twitter at @KANSASBOWLING.

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