Jodie Whittaker Confirmed As 13th Doctor Who

Whittaker also has a few science fiction credits behind her name having starred in 'Attack The Block' and an episode of the much loved 'Black Mirror'.

A few minutes ago. Actress Jodie Whittaker was announced as the 13th Doctor Who and the first woman to take on the mantle.

The idea of a female Doctor Who has been long discussed since the 1980’s but has not been possible until recently.

All that said. It has long been assumed as paradigm that the Doctor would always be male by parts of the shows fandom. That began to shift with Curse Of The Fatal Death about 18 years back when we saw the first gender change via regeneration. This was a comic relief skit. Since then we’ve seen gender bends happen twice in the series. The last one being from the Master to Missy and the first being a General from Gallefrey.

Fans have been wondering when they’d get a female Doctor Who for quite some time. With people having discussed the idea as far back as the late 1980’s.

Well know we have it. And the actress chosen for the role is well respected and really talented.


Regeneration in ‘Doctor Who’ has always been foggy in terms of how it would take place and what would be possible. In the classic run. We seen Romana Regenerate as if changing a dress. She did not seem to go through any trauma and tried on several different looks before settling on Romana mark 2. Though we do not know how many times she had changed prior meeting the fourth Doctor.

The transformation from male to female timelord has only been seen as recent as 7 years ago in Curse Of The Fatal Death and again with the Master to Missy. We’ve had subtle alludes to the change, but it has never really been talked about in a full on way as to the how and why a Time Lord would do this, Which leaves it open to interpretation.

Jodie Whittaker’s Past Credits

Fans of ‘Broadchurch’ will know of Jodie Whittaker who came onto the show as Beth Latimer.

Whittaker also has a few science fiction credits behind her name having starred in ‘Attack The Block’ and an episode of the much loved ‘Black Mirror’.

Whittaker was a late entry into the race for the 13th Doctor having only entered the fray a couple of days ago. Until that point the bookmaker’s favourites was Kris Marshall, but if you know your ‘Doctor Who’ you’ll know that the book makers favourite never gets the part.

Having the first female Doctor Who will certainly change the dynamic of the show moving forward. We have already been given some idea of what a 21st century female time lord would be like via Missy who made her last appearance in the season 10 finale.

It will be interesting to see how Steven Moffat introduces the 13th Doctor in the forthcoming Christmas episode, which will see Capaldi’s 12th Doctor have his final adventure with the first Doctor. After that the reigns will be handed over to Chris Chibnall who worked with Whittaker on ‘Broadchurch’.

It will be interesting to see the fan reaction to this announcement over the next few days. Feel free to comment with your thoughts below. We’d be interested to hear your views.

Doctor Who returns in December for the Christmas episode.

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  • Dominic Walsh
    16 July 2017 at 9:55 pm -

    Ian you say in this article that it was assumed by the fandom that the Doctor would always be male not that that was a stated fact. I’ve posted this on my Facebook and I think that next year’s series of Doctor Who will be really interesting. I’ve only seen one Jodie Whittaker film, Attack the Block, but she seems like she would be able to portray the Doctor’s alien-ness. Just my thoughts.

    • Ian Cullen
      16 July 2017 at 11:15 pm -

      By and large it was assumed that The Doctor would always be male until the paradigm started to shift a time lord regeneration of a black male general to a female general and then the introduction of Missy.

      Have seen Jodie Whittaker in a few things. She was pretty solid in Broadchurch and she also was in an episode of Black Mirror and she was in one of the St Trinian’s movies.

      So they’ve chose a solid actor. Just glad they haven’t chose a younger actress for it. That would not have worked.