James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley Release ‘Blowback’ into The Comicsverse

Blowback is an action comic book aimed at a teen audience. It is best described as a mix between Black Hawk Down and The Patriot, via Black Sails.

Our good friends James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley have been working on a new graphic novel called ‘Blowback’, which has just been released. For those not in the know. We first interviewed James Hearth back when he was executive producing a fantastic animated movie called Race. Which we spoke to him about back in the days when we hosted a channel on Blogtalkradio.

This latest project sees James working with his wife Rhonda Smiley who is an acclaimed writer for TV animation as well as a novelist. We reviewed Rhonda’s first Ya Novel titled ‘Asper’ back in 2018. Blowback, which is released independently is Rhonda Smiley and James Hereth’s first bite of the comic book cherry.


About Blowback


Blowback is an action comic book aimed at a teen audience. It is best described as a mix between Black Hawk Down and The Patriot, via Black Sails.

Set in the present day. The book tells of a U.S. Marine and his unit who disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, only to find themselves in the year 1776. There, they battle to maintain the course of history as they face off against a stranded World War Two era Destroyer turned ruthless pirate ship.

Juxtaposing elements of three distinct time periods – The American Revolution, World War Two, and the present – Blowback highlights clashes not only of weaponry, but of culture, technology, and perspective. The result is a high-octane take on historical fiction.
Although the story might appeal to many audiences, the book is rated Teen Plus, due to violence, harsh language, and a panel or two of nudity.
You can find out more about it at www.blowbackuniverse.com

About the Creative Team


Writers James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley have numerous screenwriting credits, including the live-action Ninja Turtles and Jungle Book series, the animated feature, Race, and Chris Pratt’s movie debut, Extreme Team. Rhonda published her first novel, which was titled ‘Asper’ back in early 2018.



Additionally, the comics art team has some great credits to its name too. Artist, Kev Hopgood, has worked on Action ForceDoctor Who, and 2000 AD, but is most well known as a penciller on Iron Man. During his run on that book, he co-created War Machine and the Hulkbuster Armor with Len Kaminski, both of which are featured prominently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can learn more about his work at www.kevhopgood.com

Likewise, colorist Charlie Kirchoff, has brought many titles to life, including Star Wars AdventuresJudge Dredd Classics, and Back to the Future: Tales from the Time Train, as well as the Image series, Secret Identities and The Hard Place. You can find out more about his work at charliekirchoff.com


Where To Buy Your Copy of ‘Blowback’

Blowback is available to buy at all great comic stores. But you can get it digitally on Comixology as well as a physical copy via Amazon.

ComiXology at bit.ly/38yRa7m

Amazon at amzn.to/2MFsnFO

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