Is The Renewal Of ‘Supergirl’ More A Case Of TBC

'Supergirl' series not cancelled, but not renewed either. At least not yet!

Earlier this week our good friend Tye Bourdonay posted news that CBS had renewed ‘Supergirl’ for a second season of adventures. The story was taken from a number of sources, which included CBR and Variety to name just two. This news was broken over the weekend when things were relatively quiet and was based on a direct quote from CBS CEO Les Moonves. 

However what we need to look at here is what was not said in the Les Moonves quote. In the quote he says that five shows have been renewed, but he does not name the shows. Which does cast a little bit of doubt on what has been renewed.

Obviously I am not a seer of television series and cannot really debunk or confirm the reports of the show being renewed. All I will point out is the language that many of these sites have used does lead us to believe that for the most part ‘Supergirl’ has been given a second chance to fly, but as yet aside from the statement from Moonves CBS have not officially announced anything as yet.

Futon Critic seems to be taking the pragmatic approach to reporting this story in that they say that an official announcement from the studio is yet to be made.

They think much like I do that the lack of an official announcement could mean various things.

  1. CBS do not know yet whether or not they are renewing ‘Supergirl’ for sure as yet. And do not wish to announce until they know for sure.
  2. CBS maybe holding off an official announcement because they plan on announcing the renewal of ‘Supergirl’ along with the news of another superhero show that they have in the works.
  3. CBS may even be looking at the chances of running ‘Supergirl’ on CBS ACCESS alongside the new ‘Star Trek’ series.

Basically all we know for sure if that 5 CBS series have been renewed. We’ll not know what shows they are until the official announcements in May. So until then lets assume that the show has neither been cancelled or picked up.

Hopefully we’ll know what is returning and what isn’t during next months sweeps week, which is usually when everything is made official.


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