Is Star Trek: Picard Looking To Set Up A Gary Seven Series?

Having watched Star Trek: Picard in recent weeks. The classic Trek fan in me began to feel flutters of excitement with the introduction of Talinn. Who is from the...
Gary Seven

Having watched Star Trek: Picard in recent weeks. The classic Trek fan in me began to feel flutters of excitement with the introduction of Talinn. Who is from the same group as a Certain Gary Seven, who classic Trek fans will remember from the episode ‘Assignment Earth’. In that famous episode, which was set in 1968 Captain Kirk encounters Gary Seven when The Enterprise intercepts his transporter beam. At which point. We learn that Gary Seven is an agent of an Alien Group of Watchers called Aegis who work to protect various alien civilizations by doing whatever they can to protect the planet’s timeline. Gary Seven who was also known as Supervisor 194 gets sent to earth to prevent a nuclear missile launch from going wrong. And Kirk and his crew wind up helping in this endeavor.

In the main television series. We never saw or heard of Aegis or Gary Seven again. But he has been featured in various comic book stories as well as in the Star Trek Novels. In fact, Greg Cox made great use of Gary Seven by having him be involved in helping resolve the Eugenics Wars, which according to Trek Cannon took place in the 1990s. So seeing Star Trek: Picard bring Aegis back is a pretty big deal.


Might We See Gary Seven Turn Up In Picard?



The question is whether or not we’ll get to see Gary Seven show up on Star Trek: Picard, and might he even be Picards Watcher? There have certainly been a few subtle hints that this might be the case, but they might also prove to be red herrings. Firstly, when Talinn first meets Picard we witness a brief flashback to his last scene with Laris. Now, this might have been an ordinary Flashback, but what if Talinn is actually able to read Picard’s mind and we were seeing that Flashback from her point of view? In Assignment Earth Gary Seven had a shape-shifting companion called Isis who spent most of her time roaming the Enterprise as a Black Cat, but it was also implied that Isis had a psychic connection to Gary. Furthermore, we do get a brief glimpse of Isis in humanoid form and she was a dark-haired female with a similar look to her than Talinn. In fact in a recent interview with Orla Brady has heavily hinted that her character has a connection to a certain black cat. Indeed, might this suggest that Gary Seven is lurking somewhere in the background, and if so who will play him? Might Talinn actually be Isis the cat?


Time Travel And Protecting Civilizations From Themselves

In Assignment Earth. The mandate of Aegis was to protect planets and their civilizations from blowing themselves to kingdom come and preserving their timelines. To that end, they’d abduct members of a planets dominant species at a very early stage in their development and make genetically superior clones of them to train as agents to send back to their respective planets. They were a kind of temporal police. In the original outline of Gene Roddenberry’s story outline for a Gary Seven series, we’d have learned that Aegis were not the only Alien Race to have agents on the Earth.

In the current series of Star Trek: Picard. Q has created a divergence in the Earth’s timeline and Talinn who revealed herself to be Renee Picard’s watcher tells Jean Luc that his ancestor is the source of the Divergence. At this point, all we know is that Renee needs to fly the Europa mission. But there is another plot thread concerning genetics that might also need the intervention of Aegis as we learn that Q is helping a geneticist called Adam Soong heal his daughter. So might Talinn also be needed to nip that one in the bud as well?

Whatever way you cut it. It looks and feels like Talinn and Aegis will have a big role to play as this series moves forward. This makes me wonder if the series producers might consider a spin-off series involving Talinn and indeed Gary Seven if the fans make a big enough noise for it.


A Spin-Off Would Be Timely, But Also Long Over Due

If Paramount Plus did decide to do a spin-off it would be overdue given that the original series episode that birthed Aegis and Gary Seven was supposed to be a backdoor pilot for a spin-off show. Also, it would be timely because Geo Politics and our Society at present are in a very similar situation to what things were like back in the 1960s. We still have great inequality in our society, but we also once again have a degree of instability in Eastern Europe thanks to Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

So with all of that happening in the real world. It provides some great subject matter for a new 21st Century take on Assignment Earth. Aegis might send in Agents to stop a fictional dictator or even to help the planet with Global Warming. The potential storylines would be really interesting to see. A Humanoid from an advanced civilization subtly tries to stir humankind in the right direction but does so in such a way that he or she is not implicated. A sort of shadow agent who is trying to steer humankind to its better values. Add to all of that the potential of another Alien race going up against Aegis and kind of playing a chess game with humanity as the pieces. 


Feel free to tell us if you have any cool theories in the comments below.

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