Is Marvel Planning A ‘Captain Britain’ Television Show

The rumor concerning a Captain Britain TV series was kicked off by a Tweet from award winning illustrator and poster artist Ciara McAvoy

Back in 2008 when I made the decision to have cover comic books as well as television. One comic that I was enthusiastic about was Paul Cornell’s run on ‘Captain Britain’.

It was my introduction the character and the first real and credible alternative I had seen to many of the American characters that we were seeing, and even more impressive was that he was a Marvel character to boot. Of course as I read the books I learned about other prominent UK based heroes from the Marvel Universe, which included Psylocke, Union Jack and Banshee to name but a few.

I recently came across an article on collider, which has revealed a pretty strong rumor that Marvel are considering a television project involving Captain Britain AKA Brian Braddock.

The rumor concerning a Captain Britain TV series was kicked off by a Tweet from award winning illustrator and poster artist Ciara McAvoy who made the following tweets.


 She quickly followed up with:

If this all pans out to be true. It presents fans with all sorts of exciting prospects in terms of just how different in style the Marvel British heroes are to their American counterparts.

The main difference between Captain Britain and his American counterpart Captain America is that Captain Britain is created via the magic of Merlyn and his powers are more dependent on his belief in himself. Captain America and a great many of the American heroes from the Marvel universe are the product of science. Captain_Britain

So that difference alone makes for a refresing style of story.

In fact Captain Britain’s origin story alone would make for a fascinating mini series.

Other possible story-lines could well introduce things such as MI13, which is headed up by Wisdom and could serve as the UK alternative to S.H.I.E.L.D. This would be great because it would allow for other underused UK Marvel Heroes to share some of the spot light with Captain Britain.

For those casual comic readers who are not familiar with him. Captain Britain was created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe and made his first appearance in the 1976 comic book ‘Captain Britain Weekly’. The character gained is powers  thanks to the magical abilities of Merlyn.

Prior to Paul Cornell bringing ‘Captain Britain’ back to readers back in 2008. One of the most loved runs on the comic book series was done by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, which saw the hero go up again an enemy that was re-writing reality.

If a television adaptation of ‘Captain Britain’ was in the works. It be really cool to have Paul Cornell be one of the people helping to develop the character. As to what actor could play the role. I’d want to give it to an unknown.

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    Let’s watch America get Britain completely wrong. Again.

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