Is Batwoman using the Batcave or a Batlair?

Does Kate Kane simply not know that she has not even scratched the surface of the Bat-resources at her disposal!?

While both the premiere and second episode of CW’s newest Super-show, Batwoman, clearly features what appears to be Batman’s Batcave, the question in the back of many of the Dark Knight’s fans is whether or not Kate Kane has adversely taken over the actual Batcave or just an ancillary Bat-lair of Bruce Wayne’s!?

While Kate Kane has clearly figured out cousin Bruce’s deep dark Bat-secret, it may in fact be that she has not even scratched the surface of Batman’s seemingly abandoned headquarters and specialised Bat-equipment.

The opening sequence of Batwoman’s second episode was one of the show’s highlights to date, as the viewer is treated to Batwoman entering the secret entrance to the Bat-facility located in the heart of Gotham City beneath Wayne Industries.

In the show’s first episode, the Bat-veiwer is allowed to see what appears to be the Bat-Cave. And in the opening moments of the second episode, Bat-fans are further teased with Batwoman riding a Batcycle into a secret entrance of what may in fact only be a Bat-lair deep within Wayne Industry’s underground parking lot.

Even though Luke Fox and The Bat-suit wearing Kate Kane are making themselves at home amongst Batman’s deadly Bat-arsenal and downtown crime fighting headquarters, where is the Batmobile? Where is the cavernous and iconic underground Bat-treasure, which fans of DC Comics Batman have come to know and love so well!?

Even though it is entirely possible that the CW’s Batwoman production team have decided to have some creative fun with the Bat-legacy, it is perhaps more likely that the show has simply chosen to expound upon the lesser known fringe aspects and Bat-assets of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Batman.

To change the well established and respected history of the Batcave to a smaller, leaner and less familiar Batcave simply for Kate Kane’s convenience somehow feels far too casual and cavalier.

It only makes sense to a die-hard Batman fan that Bruce Wayne would have a secondary Bat-headquarters underneath Wayne Enterprises. Could you imagine crime and justice having to wait for Bruce Wayne’s rush hour traffic commute to be over!?

By the same token, while what we have seen of the underground Bat-facilities are impressive and fun, it almost seems impossible that only a few Bat-computers and related Bat-technology have come to constitute the totality of the vaunted Bat-cave’s capabilities.

The likely truth is probably as simple as Kate Kane simply not knowing that she has not even scratched the surface of the Bat-resources potentially at her disposal. And either Fox has only been allowed access to the facility beneath Wayne Industries, or he is simply doing his best to limit Kate’s access to the vast wealth of Bruce Wayne’s Bat-vault and far-reaching capabilities.

Either way, we are likely to see more Bat related secrets and facilities revealed as the show progresses and matures. But one thing seems instinctively clear, Batwoman does not have access to the actual Batcave, but rather one of Batman’s Batlairs.

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