Infinity Con lands in Tallahassee this June

Infinity Con is scheduled for June 4-5 at Tallahassee’s Donald L Tucker Civic Center

Tallahassee, Fl. — Infinity Con is taking place in Florida’s capital the first weekend of June. This pop culture convention brings together artists, enthusiasts, and creators of comic books, video and tabletop gaming, anime, sci-fi, and more.

Full schedule of events will be available here.

The event in Tallahassee will host over 100 vendors, artists, and exhibitors. Additionally, the event has expanded to areas concentrating on anime, gaming, cosplay, and kids.



This year’s event will also feature a variety of guests. Some of these Include:

  • A trio of voice actors from titles like “My Hero Academia” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” – Stephanie Young, Kent Williams, and Tallahassee’s own Jessica Cavanagh
  • YouTube gamer Retro-Spect
  • Cosplay masters Fred and Elle Designs
  • Pikabellechu
  • A replica of Supernatural’s “Baby” – the car from series
  • Costume groups from Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Cosplay tap dance group Noise Complaint
  • Cool Zoo booth, with live animals “Gator Loki,” “Captain Kangaroo,” and others

Another featured area is “Gameaggedon,” the expanded gaming area that will have late night hours and feature freeplay console games, pinball and arcade games, table top games, and VR games.

Other events include a Super Smash Brothers tournament happening all weekend, a Cosplay Contest on Saturday, and Infinity Con’s first-annual Bot Brouhaha. This will be a 30-team robot combat tournament presented by Build Fight Fun.

Specific for anime fans, the “Anime Island” area will host panels on anime, an Idol Fest variety show and the Maid Cafe going throughout the weekend.

More information can be found on Infinity Con’s homepage. Follow the event on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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