In Review:Turok (2019-) #1

A new hero rises! Turok pursues his kidnapped brother…

Synopsis: A new hero rises! Turok pursues his kidnapped brother… in the Badlands of the Old West! In the waning days of the Indian Wars, the U.S. cavalry has captured Andar, but Turok will stop at nothing to rescue him. But that quest will lead Turok, Andar, and even the soldiers to a strange, lost land inhabited by creatures beyond their imaginations. This is Turok as you’ve never seen him before … and Turok as you’ve always seen him!

Review: Based on the classic video game Turok The Dinosaur Hunter. This comic is the beginning of the origin story as to how Turok became the famed killer of prehistoric beasts.

The Story

Written by Ron Marz. The story opens up with Turok a native American stalking some U.S. cavalry soldiers who have kidnapped his younger brother Andor.

It isn’t long before Turok catches up with the soldiers and gives them a proper decent scrap as he attempts to rescue his brother.  But as he gets away. The soldiers pursuing him who are led by Captain Connors get attacked by a beast they have never seen before.

The Artwork

The art in this book is drawn by Roberto Castro who does an amazing job with the scenic grand canyon setting. Some of the more graphic panels are pretty bloody. Page 9 being pretty gruesome as we see one of the soldiers get an arrow through the neck, but this is pretty softcore stuff given that future issues may have a few dinosaurs snacking on our soldiers.

The final page, which sees Turok and his brother cross into the land of Dinosaurs is beautifully illustrated and sets the scene perfectly for what is to come.


I have to confess that my knowledge of Turok going into this book was just of the video game, which I never really played but do remember seeing. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when picking this preview issue up.

In short. I quite liked this opening issue and love how the writer throws us right into the action and introduces us to characters as the action plays out.

I’m invested enough right now to give the second issue a go when it releases next month.

Turok (2019-) #1
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