In Review: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #1

Harry Dresden is a man on the edge—and that is something that can be dangerous to friend and foe alike.

Synopsis: Harry Dresden is a man on the edge—and that is something that can be dangerous to friend and foe alike. He’s been drafted by a senior member of the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in rural Mississippi. As always, there’s more afoot than is immediately apparent. The question is, will Harry’s state of mind keep him from seeing it, and will his actions lead him into direct conflict with the wizard who’s depending on his help?

Review: As a fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden novels. I have to confess that I’ve not read to many of the comic book stories. In fact. This is the first comic book story have read since Dynamite first got the license and I was pleased to see that things have evolved a little.

Written by Mark Powers and based on Jim Butcher’s stories. This first chapter of Dogmen is mostly set up.

The story begins with Harry having nightmares about those close to him dying while they battle alongside him against Puck. When he awakes from the dream. He seems to be unwell and his dog Mouse is very concerned about his charge.

As Harry is picking himself up. There is a knock at his door.

When he answers the door. He meets Listens To Winds. A Wizard of the White council.

Winds asks Dresden for help with an investigation, which takes them to rural Mississippi.

Dresden is reluctant at first, but eventually comes round to the idea that it will be a bit of a break from the norm for him.

Although this first issue is blatantly set up. It was well executed.

I enjoyed the idea of there being a race of Wolf People that Harry Dresden knew nothing about.

I also enjoyed the fact that Listens To Winds was almost acting as a mentor figure to Harry while travelling to their destination.

Mark Powers has found the voice of Harry Dresden really well in this book. So much so that I have to wonder if he was able to call Jim Butcher up for help.

The art work by Diego Galindo is fantastic. I especially loved his splash page of the Wolfman that attached the Martineaux family.

I also loved the colours in this book.

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