In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #7

What could Nazar have done to set the Oracles out to kill her?

Synopsis: What could Nazar have done to set the Oracles out to kill her? Maybe she really DID kill her sister. But Xena and Gabrielle can’t fight the assassins AND keep Nazar safe, so the Warrior Princess calls in a favor…with the Amazons!

Review: Xena and Gabrielle pick up their adventures from where it all left off last month. Having taken Nazar into their care. Gabrielle and Xena are speculating about the kind of trouble the young girl is in and it isn’t long before they find out.

The Oracle has sent two soulless assassins to hunt and kill Nazar. Having escaped one skirmish with them. Xena, Gabrielle, and Nazar make the long journey to Amazon territory and must make a case to gain their help.

This is a solid issue which moves the plot forward. Exactly why the Oracle is so frightened of Nazar hasn’t been fulling explained yet, but hopefully, we’ll learn that over the next few issues.

Erica Schultz writes some fun dialogue for Xena and Gabriella, but it is the dialogue she provides for Nazar when she is having visions or using her power that is the most dramatic. I really liked how the letter kind of doubled up the text font whenever Nazar was speaking during her visions.

Artist Vicente Cifuentes continues to deliver on this issue. I really liked his drawings of the soulless assassins and the Oracles incantations, which summoned them both. But it is also his work on the actual settings whenever the story takes us to the Greek temples that truly impresses. I loved his drawings of the Marvel statues of the various deities.

Overall. This issue moves the story along nicely. And with Nazar under the protection of the Amazons. It is now down to Xena and Gabrielle to go back and find her parents and put a stop to the Oracle.

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #7
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