In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #6

A young girl flees for her life—from her parents?!

Synopsis: A young girl flees for her life—from her parents?! Xena and Gabrielle must determine if the girl is a visionary or a demon. Unfortunately for all concerned, the Oracles of Delphi have already decided!

Review: After having gone off for further adventures in the last issue. Xena and Gabrielle find themselves at the tender mercies of a new writer in the form of Erica Schultz who takes over the writing duties from Meredith Finch.

Continuing with the art duties is Vicente Cifuentes who offers up some fantastic work on this issue.

The writing transition between Finch and Schultz is handled smoothly and we are thrown right into a new story, which focuses on a young woman called Nazar who is a gifted Seer. Nazar’s parents want to take her to Delphi to have her fixed. Nazar, however, does not need fixing. She needs to just learn control.

I liked how Erica Schultz chose to start her story with Nazar and her parents instead of going straight to Xena and Gabrielle. This allowed her to set up the story and give us readers some time to get to know Nazar who you immediately sympathize with. It is near enough halfway into the issue that we meet Xena and Gabrielle and then it is right in the middle of a fight, which ends by introducing us to a nefarious tour guide who is selling people a guaranteed audience with the Oracles.

Vicente Cifuentes artwork in this issue is great. I loved the opening few panels where we see Nazar in a trance-like fitful state as she has various visions. The image of Nazar fitting juxtaposed with her concerned parents consulting a medic paints a poignant image.

Overal. This is mostly the setup issue, but the fact that I’m already feeling connected to Nazar is damn good writing on the part of Schultz. I look forward to seeing where all of this goes in next months issue.

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #6
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