In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #4

Gabrielle’s capture forces Xena to delve into the shady underbelly of Athens in search of clues.

Synopsis: Gabrielle’s capture forces Xena to delve into the shady underbelly of Athens in search of clues. Dark forces stalk the warrior princess, intent upon revenge and captivity results in an unexpected discovery for Gabrielle. Redemption wears many faces in this city of gods.

Review: The adventure continues as Xena searches high and low for Gabrielle, who through being captured has reminded Xena why she prefers to work alone. Her first port of call is to find Jax who is one of the men that captured Xena’s newfound friend.

On the ship. Gabriella gets to reconnect with her sister who talks about how she was captured and distorts the truth ever so slightly in her retelling of events, which makes for a fun bit of banter between the two sisters.

Meredith Finch absolutely nails the characters in this issue. The sisterly reunion between Gabrielle and her sister is a lot of fun, but the most fun to read is Callisto’s little monologue about what it is to be tough at the end of the issue, which comes just before the cliffhanger.

This story is really starting to take shape now and the stakes are getting very much higher for Xena as she prepares to battle one of the most iconic villains from the TV series.

Vicente Cifuentes artwork continues to shine in this issue. There is a great close up of Gabrielle’s face when she thinks she has come up with an escape plan. The look of Ah Ha in Gabrielle’s eye as she picks up an old spoon is priceless and just indicative of an artist that obviously knows how to draw a variety of facial expressions.

Overall. A great issue, which just goes by way too fast. It’s kind of difficult for me to have to come to terms with the fact that I have to wait a whole month for issue five. To quote Jack Baur. Damn it.

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4 #4
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