In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #6

Just as Xena’s World Tour brings her back home to Greece, she and her travel companions will confront the might of Zeus himself

Synopsis: Just as Xena’s World Tour brings her back home to Greece, she and her travel companions will confront the might of Zeus himself on MOUNT OLYMPUS!

Review: Vita Ayala concludes this latest story arc for Xena Warrior Princess and manages to wrap up most loose plot threads with a little help from some Gods.

The Story

After having won passage on a boat in the last issue. Xena, Gabrielle, and Discord have returned to Greece and Xena is happy to be home. But Discord is understandably a little apprehensive about returning because she must face her parents again and explain her actions to Zeus in the hopes of getting her godhood back.

Before calling a council of the Gods. Discord must face her parents first, which seems to be a tad more difficult for her than dealing with a gang of harpies.

The Artwork

Although this is perhaps one of the least action-packed issues we have seen of late. Olympia Sweetman still manages to pull a couple of rabbits out of her hat. The couple of pages where the group come under attack from Harpies are thrilling. I love how that three-page sequence opens with Xena kicking one of the attacking Harpies away. This is one of hell of a fast and effective action sequence, which winds down with the appearance of Ares.


This is a satisfying conclusion to what has been a wonderfully fun series of adventures that has saw the team of Xena, Gabrielle, and Discord find their way through various cultures and dip into a few different mythological beings as they made their way back to Greece.

The council of the Gods where Discord explains herself to Zeus and reveals that another god was behind her actions against the innocent village, which was held to ransom at the start of the comic.

Overall. A satisfying way of wrapping this up. I hope to see Discord again in future issues. She was fun to have around.

Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #6
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