In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #4

Xena’s World Tour rolls on! This month…ALASKA!?

Synopsis: Xena’s World Tour rolls on! This month…ALASKA!? The Warrior Princess, her companion Gabrielle, and the dastardly (and depowered) god Discord are forced to fend off the freeze and may have to make a deal with (ANOTHER!?) god in order to get back home!

Review: Vita Ayala to give us a solid comic book adaptation of Xena and her friendship with Gabrielle.

The Story

Traveling through Alaska. Xena and Discord are being somewhat slowed down by an injured Gabriella, but when Discord finds a small cottage they get help from a mysterious old woman, who has a secret to share. The old woman helps Gabrielle and has wise words for Xena and the depowered Discord.


Erica D’Urso’s art in this issue has a truly fairytale quality to it. Especially her drawing of the old woman’s cottage, which takes a prominent spot in the stories conclusion. I also liked the drawing of the old woman and her various facial expressions.

Also cute is the giant rat that Discord has picked up along the way on their travels.


This was a really strong issue with some nice artwork. Specifically when it comes to the woman’s house and the snowy landscape of Alaska, but the story is also really nicely told.

The concept of a god losing power due to people losing faith isn’t a new one, but it is one that doesn’t get used all that often. I really enjoyed how the old woman was eventually revealed to be an old god who had suffered due to human cruelty.

But it is the way in which Xena and Gabrielle are able to help the old woman that really puts Gabrielle center stage as she uses her powers as a Bard to reinstate peoples belief in Baba Yaga.

Overall. A really nice story, that really explores the power of a good story and how certain beliefs can be molded.

Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #4
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