In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #3

The Warrior Princess and her traveling companions are trapped in the Mirador Basin of Mexico!

Synopsis: The Warrior Princess and her traveling companions are trapped in the Mirador Basin of Mexico! Xena (who’s not great at being ordered around) is ordered to steal a feather from Quetzalcoatl in The Temple Of Q’uq’umatz. She doesn’t want to (see earlier note), but the alternative is being trapped in the Basin forever…so let the magical feather-questing commence!

Review: Xena and Gabrielle find themselves acting as babysitters to Discord in this latest issue.

The Story

Having ticked off the Greek Gods. Xena, Gabrielle, and the formerly powerful Discord find themselves banished in South America where they are ordered to steal a feather from a rare bird, which is considered to be sacred by the Q’uq’umatz.

The Artwork

Jordi Perez provides some nice artwork in this issue. The jungle scenes which open up the issue are particularly nice as are the various Aztec looking temples that we see in the book. I also rather liked the designs that the natives had painted on their faces in the issue and the feather headdress worn by the priest that gives Xena her orders.


This is a funny issue in which Xena and Gabrielle are having to deal with Discord who is now without her powers and is acting like a spoiled brat. There are a lot of times in the book where Xena says words to the effect that, “It’s time for you to stop talking” when Discord is running her mouth a little too much.

I particularly enjoyed the moment at the beginning of the issue when Xena and Gabrielle have spent time hunting and cooking and rightly chastise an ungrateful Discord for not contributing.

Overall. A fun issue with a lot of action and some fantastic dialogue between the various characters. I also have to give letterer Ariana Maher for having come up with some nice symbols for the native language of the various tribes that Xena interacts with.

Xena: Warrior Princess (2019) #3
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