In Review: Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #2

Xena and Gabrielle find themselves amidst a deadly quarrel between The God Of Strife and The God Of Discord!

Synopsis: Xena and Gabrielle find themselves amidst a deadly quarrel between The God Of Strife and The God Of Discord! The only way to save a village of innocents is for Xena to agree to lead an army against an incoming Roman legion. But Xena’s “army” is comprised of…the village elders!?

Review: This comic book series continues to feel very true to the television series with some really strong character beats and snappy dialogue.

The Story

In order to free the older villagers of their curse. Xena brokers a deal between Strife and the God of Discord and agrees to lead the villagers in a battle against the incoming Roman legion, but she gets the feeling that there is more going on.

The Artwork

Olympia Sweetman delivers some beautiful art this issue and her drawings of the various little battles that ensue are really well drawn with particular attention and detail paid to the armor and helmets that the Centurian soldiers are wearing.

There’s a beautifully drawn panel on page 15 where we see Xena standing her ground in a fight against one of the lead Roman Centurians.


Vita Ayala does a brilliant job of giving us a story that would easily have fitted anywhere in the television series with consistant and honest character beats. I loved how we had Gabriella talking to the older villagers before they faced the battle. I also loved the moment where she gently chastises Xena for being a bit sarcastic when talking about what is to come.

And there is even a kiss between Xena and Gabrielle for the fans that really dug that sort of thing. It’s for luck btw, which is as good an excuse as any:) But it’s nice to see the comic being able to pay off some of that tension between Xena and Gabrielle that we had in the TV series.

This issue ends in a great place with some interesting set up for things that may lay ahead for the God of Discord.

Overall. A great issue.


Xena: Warrior Princess (2019-) #2
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