In Review: X-O Manowar #11

Aric has paved a road with good intentions.

Synopsis: Aric continues to struggle with the stresses of ruling an entire planet. Even though he has diposed the harsh rulers of Gorin, its people are still in the midst of chaos. Violence, civil unrest, and famine plague the planet’s inhabitants. Now, a splinter faction has decided that the only way to restore order is to oust their new ruler. Aric is betrayed by both his enemies and his allies alike. Once he is subdued, Aric is separated from Shanhara, so he must find a way to reclaim one of the greatest weapons in the known universe. Will he just claim his newly acquired throne, or will he also seek his revenge?

Review: Aric had every intention to sit out the bloody wars that plagued his adopted home world; however, his principles and moral code eventually brought him into the conflict.  Aric believed he could bring peace to the Gorin. There is a level of arrogance that one must have to believe that they could rule an entire planet without major issues. What’s brilliant about this new arc isn’t that Aric has been betrayed, but our hero is forced to deal with the limits of his abilities. Yes, Aric is nearly invulnerable and omnipotent, and he has ruled people before, but he is out of his depth due to the sheer scale of his new domain. His lack of insight into this world’s issues has brought about more chaotic ruin. He is a singular man, and even the task of ruling is too great for one to shoulder by himself.

There is a motif of scale that runs through this entire issue. The landscape is so vast, and although Aric is completing herculean labors, he seems so miniscule in comparison. He builds an aqueduct, burrows into the world’s core to move tectonic plates, and he still seems incapable of being big enough to powerful enough to succeed. You even see this in his jailor once he was subdued. Baz-L is massive. Just like GIN-GR, the techno titan dwarfs Aric, and so do the problems he faces.

It will be interesting to see where the series will go. Will Aric seek to regain his newly acquired empire? Or will he seek revenge while letting the chips fall? My money is on revenge, and I know this creative team will serve it action packed and served cold.


X-O Manowar #11
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