In Review: X-Men ’92: House Of XCII (2022-) #1 (of 5)

THE ’90s ARE BACK — AGAIN! Everyone’s favorite ’90s incarnations of the X-Men have returned…

Synopsis: THE ’90s ARE BACK — AGAIN! Everyone’s favorite ’90s incarnations of the X-Men have returned…but this time, everything is even all-newer and all-more different! Mutantkind is taking a huge leap forward by founding their own nation on the island of Krakoa, guided by Professor X, Magneto, and a mysterious long-lived woman who knows more than she should. That’s right – the ’90s X-Men are tackling the Krakoan Age thirty years early… and it’s NOT going to go the way you expect!


The Story

The 1992 X-Men series gets something of a continuation as the struggle for mutant-kind continues. The story picks up with Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, and Storm battling sentinals on one of Trasks orbital stations. Their mission is to prevent Trask from getting the Orchis Protocols online.

Meanwhile, back on Earth Psylocke is on a diplomatic mission to convince the nations of the earth to accept the island of Krakoa as a sovereign nation for mutant kind. Something that will be no easy task. But thankfully, The X-Men do have a few supporters and it also helps that the Mutants are no longer fighting each other.


The Artwork

Salvador Espin does a pretty good job of capturing the visual stylings of the 1992 TV series and really relies quite heavily on the nostalgia for the 90s. Even the fonts used on some of the headings in the opening pages feel very much like something you’d have seen in the early 1990s.

The action beats are well-drawn, but I can’t really confess to having a stand-out moment from this opening issue. Perhaps the best is to come over the next four issues, but for me personally, nothing really stood out here. Also, while style-wise it very much pays homage to the cartoon. I was kind of hoping that we’d see a modern touch here and there to enhance the classic looks of the cartoon.



A serviceable opening issue that does a reasonable job of setting the story up.

X-Men '92: House Of XCII (2022-) #1 (of 5)
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