In Review: Worzel Gummidge: Saucy Nancy

Susan and John visit a scrapyard, where they meet Worzel's old friend Saucy Nancy.

Synopsis: In this episode of Worzel Gummidge. Susan and John visit a scrapyard, where they meet Worzel’s old friend Saucy Nancy.


The Story

When Worzel finds twenty pounds he goes with Susan and John to a local scrapyard to buy himself a door. However, upon arrival, they find Worzel’s old mate Saucy Nancy who is a carved ship’s figurehead. Nancy asks Worzel and the children if they can help her get back to the sea.

In order to take Nancy with them. The kids volunteer to do some jobs for the owner of the scrapyard and from that point on a little series of adventures happens. As the kids and Worzel try to keep the foul-mouthed Nancy out of trouble.


The Acting

Mackenzie Crook does a pretty good job reprising the role of the lovable scarecrow. Which is no easy task. As an older viewer. I still can’t imagine anyone other than the late Jon Pertwee playing the role but despite this. I think Crook does a fairly good interpretation of the scarecrow and does so without it becoming an imitation of what came before.

Shirley Henderson puts in a solid turn as Saucy Nancy and puts on a great voice for the character and somehow manages to maintain it throughout the performance.

Both Thierry Wickens and India Brown continue to be fairly likable as the children. I particularly enjoyed the scenes towards the end of the story where they meet Peg who is played by the fantastic Vanessa Redgrave.




As already noted at the start of this review. I’m just about old enough to remember the original TV Adaptations of the Worzel Gummige stories. And this story, in particular, feels kind of poignant given that Saucy Nancy was played by Barbara Windsor in the ITV series. Sadly Windsor passed away recently after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

That said. Much like Crook. Shirley Henderson does a funny and loving interpretation of the character. And you do find yourself being gradually won over by this newer take on the role. Though Windsor’s take was a bit more pantomime and old music hall than this newer version. That said, we do get a few musical numbers in this version of the story. It isn’t really quite as vibrant as the original interpretation.

Overall. A pretty nice interpretation, which I am sure will entertain kids of all ages.

Worzel Gummidge: Saucy Nancy
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