In Review: Wolfenstein #2

B.J. Blaskovicz returns to take on the regime in this new comic, based on the much-beloved gaming franchise.

Synopsis: The New Colossus! B.J. Blaskovicz returns to take on the regime in this new comic, based on the much-beloved gaming franchise.

Review: Dan Watters continues his Wolfenstein story and continues to give us lots of backstory for the mad woman that talks about her epic first meeting with B.J. Blaskovicz.

She tells the Professor about Hartmann’s deadly experiments and how she thwarted them with help from Blaskovicz. The story is told while the Professor and the women journey into the bowels of the earth where the woman has unfinished business. To stop the Germans from finding the remnants of Hartmann’s work.

While on the Journey the professor talks about her own experiences as a resistance sharpshooter. Her life before opening the sanctuary. The horror she bore witness too. It’s an epic story within a story and the comic comes to close after 50 plus pages of this terrible journey. A journey in which the professor will have to witness before she can move on and reconnect with resistance allies.

The artwork from Ronilson Freire and Piotr Kowalkski is every bit as amazing as it was in the previous issue. The various panels in which the two women travel below the earth are amazing with some very colorful and deadly looking lave.

The flashback sequences were well executed and I enjoyed the artwork depicting the professor staring down the Nazi’s through her scope as she prepares to strike.

At 50 pages this is another long issue, but you’ll find that the story zips by as it all washes over you. It’s a real page-turner. I found myself not wanting to put it down. There was something to look at on every page and the narrative although much of it was in flashback was compelling.

Wolfenstein issue 2 goes on sale on 11 October and is well worth a look irrespective of if you are a fan of the game or not.

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