In Review: What Happened To Monday

An overdue review of a Netflix Original movie.

Synopsis: In a world that forbids siblings, seven identical sisters pretend to be one. For as long as they can.

Review: Admittedly I’m about a week or so late to this party, but ‘What Happened To Monday’ is a film that has been wanting to watch and review for some time. And I finally got round to it.

The film, which is set in a dystopic future shows us a world where people can only have one child. But when someone has seven and makes efforts to hide it. A whole world of drama and double dealing opens up.

To avid readers of science fiction. This kind of storyline is nothing new. So narratively we’re not really seeing anything that we haven’t seen before.

In a lot of ways. This movie reminds me of the trend from the late 90’s and early 2000’s where film makers would throw a science fiction premise over the top of an action movie chassis. We got films like ‘Paycheck’ and ‘Equilibrium’, but thankfully ‘What Happened To Monday’ is a better outing than both those examples.

We get a couple of great twists in the film, one of which is the answer to the question in the film’s title. The other is the reason why.

Obviously, I’m being deliberately cryptic. So as not to spoil the film for those that haven’t got around to it yet.

By far the best part of this film is the acting performance from Noomi Rapace.

Repace is on brilliant form as she brings seven distinct personalities to the screen as the Settman siblings. We also get a solid performance from Willem Dafoe as Terrence Settman, but much of his performance is in flashback scenes. 

Glenn Close is also good as the villain, but she like Dafoe does a hell of a lot with rather little screen time. 

While narratively speaking. This sort of story is familiar to readers of science fiction. It is a narrative that we haven’t seen very often on television or in a film. The world building is really well presented and the ramifications of the story as a whole are truly chilling.

If you haven’t had a chance to check this film out. I suggest you give it a whirl. Its strengths managed to outweigh its weaknesses.

The acting alone is a huge draw in that it is utterly convincing.

What Happened To Monday
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