In Review: Westworld – Vanishing Point

The Man in Black confronts his troubled past; Charlotte forms a plan to kill all the hosts.

Synopsis: The Man in Black confronts his troubled past; Charlotte forms a plan to kill all the hosts.

Review: This episode gives us a huge info dump in regards to The Man in Black and his troubled past and familial relations, but it also clues us in as to how and why he has become so obsessed with the park and its creator Ford.

Speaking of Ford. We also learn that he has been kind of controlling events all along via code and various backdoor programs he put into certain hosts. Which would explain a lot. Especially when it comes to Maeve who is currently in a sorry state and having elements of her program used by Charlotte Hale in an attempt to kill all the hosts.

The backbone of this episode is The Man in Black aka William who wound up running Delos and formulating plans, which included collecting data on Westworld’s visitors with a view to creating hosts for their consciousness. We learn about his alcoholic wife and the relationship that he had with his daughter Emily, which plays throughout the episode in flashbacks. It soon becomes apparent though that William has either been undergoing some sort of psychotic break while in the complex.

Elsewhere in the episode, Deloras’s plans start to backfire. While trying to find her way into the real world she and Teddy come upon a group of Ghost Nation and a confrontation soon follows. Deloras orders Teddy and her group to fire on them. Once they are all dead she orders Teddy to finish off any straddlers. When he comes upon one of the survivors Teddy somehow fights his programming and lets him go. Toward the close of the episode, Teddy confronts Deloras about the fact that she changed him and proceed to kill himself saying that he can no longer protect her.

The twist regarding Ford, Maeve and Bernard is something that I hope we learn more about next week, but for the time being. We have learned that Ford had some kind of plans for Maeve and actually intended for her to leave Westworld and go out into the real world, which seems to have been the plan for specific hosts, but we are yet to learn why. The big question now is if Maeve will find a way to fight back.

Overall. This was a solid episode with an awesome performance from Ed Harris as William Aka The Man in Black. The episode opens up a whole can of worms with regards to this character and I think we pretty much know now that he is either undergoing some sort of psychotic break or may well be some sort of more advanced host with the memories and past experiences of William.

With the season finale due to hit next week. I have to wonder how things will end when it comes to the hosts and Delos. Will some of the hosts make it out into the real world? If they do. What will be Delos’s next move? Has Bernard really managed to remove Fords code from his hard disk?

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