In Review: Westworld (S4 – EP8) Que Será, Será

Series Finale
Que Será

Synopsis: In Que Será, Será the endgame is here. The man in black has raised the bar to an expert level. It’s survival of the fittest. But is their hope to save a little of this world?


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. The man in black has killed off Bernard and Maeve and believes he has killed Hale while also destroying her world by making the humans all turn on each other. As he makes his way out of the city to fulfill his agenda. Hale is being revived and made stronger by the white service droids that have been in the background all along. Her plan is to go after The Man in Black and end him. But before she goes about that she picks up a message that has been left for her by Bernard. Seemingly Bernard put a few plans in place prior to his death in order to help Hale save at least something of the hosts as well as allow the outlier humans to live out the rest of their lives. Of course, the continuation of the host’s world lies with Christina who possesses all the memories that Deloras had about the origins of Delos and the fantasy worlds they created.

While Hale is going after The Man in Black. Caleb and Ashley are working to get Frankie back to safety, but they have a run-in with Clementine who wants to know where the outliers are hiding so she can live off-grid away from The Man in Black who is hunting the rest of the hosts.


The Acting

Tessa Thompson puts in a really solid performance as we see Hale come to the realization that Bernard’s solution while imperfect is likely the best way in which she can create a fresh start for the remaining hosts. She has a great final battle with The Man In Black (Ed Harris) who easily has some of the best dialogue in the episode. His best line is about having leveled the game up to survival of the fittest.

We also see some great acting from Aaron Paul as we see Caleb pull out all the stops to get his daughter Frankie (Aurora Perrineau) safely out of the Killzone.

But this episode very much belongs to Evan Rachel Wood’s Christine and Delorass as both her characters make an appearance. The scene where we see Hale pretty much removing the software-driven world that Christina has been living in is brilliantly handled. As we see all the buildings and stuff disappear around Christine and Teddy. We begin to see just how special Christina’s skill is as a narrative writer. Over the episode, she realizes that the stories she has been writing and the characters she has been living with are indeed her own creations that come from the Host’s consciousness. The monologue that Deloras delivers in the episode’s final moments is both a bleak reminder of how messy humanity is. The reveal that she is a reflection of her creators is a pretty deep and thoughtful message.



Que Será, Será ends the series in a rather ambiguous way. We see Hale put an end to the man in black while Frankie gets to go home with her girlfriend and Christine is left with the keys to the world. She is supposedly the catalyst of whatever world gets created next for the hosts. It’s an imperfect end to an imperfect series. The episode title of Que Será, Será is appropriate, but I think we will get a lot of people being somewhat disappointed in this ending as they don’t get to see the whatever will be part.

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