In Review: Westworld (S4 – EP7) Metanoia

Frankie and Ashley Stubbs head into the complex to rescue Caleb.

Synopsis: In Metanoia Frankie and Ashley Stubbs head into the complex to rescue Caleb. Meanwhile, Bernard and Maeve go on a mission to do what is needed to stop Hale.


The Story

Following on from events in last week’s episode. Hale has figured out that her control over humanity is slipping and what remains of the hosts are gradually committing suicide. In order to put an end to it all. She decides on doing to the humans what they used to do to faulty hosts. Put them on ice. Of course William aka the Man in Black. At least the host version of him isn’t keen on the idea and goes to the human version for some advice. Obviously, given how nihilistic William’s worldview is. He pretty much tells his Android double to make it so everyone just kills each other until only the cockroaches survive.

Meanwhile, Bernard and Maeve seek to destroy the machine that is allowing Hale to control a majority of the humans by having them perform a series of looped storylines much like the old hosts did in Westworld. Bernard having ran simulations of the mission many times in the Virtual world known as The Sublime knows that it’s a lost cause. But pushes forward anyway and manages to get Maeve to do the same.

While Bernard and Maeve are doing their thing. Caleb’s daughter Frankie is working with Ashley Stubbs in order to find her father and free him. However, their mission to save Caleb is made a little easier due to the fact that Christine and Teddy Flood have pretty much ordered all the security to go home and got all the narrative writers to destroy all their stories. This means that Frankie and Ashley pretty much walk in unopposed.


The Acting

We get some brilliant performances from all the cast this week. Ed Harris is absolutely brilliant in his scene with the human version of William where he pretty much tells his android host doppelganger what to do. Likewise, Jeffrey Wright and Thandiwe Newton make for a great double act as we see Bernard and Maeve work together in order to try and destroy Hale’s means of control over humanity.

Tessa Thompson once again convinces as Hale and has a fantastic final battle with Maeve, which gets rudely interrupted by William.



Metanoia serves as the penultimate episode of the series and leaves things in a really interesting place. As we see a few of the key characters killed off. Leaving only Christine, Teddy Flood, Frankie, Ashley, and Caleb left to sort things out. As to how that will happen with the host version of William out there remains to be seen. Will the final shot of the series be a lone cockroach wearing a cowboy hat? For an answer to that. We’ll have to wait until next week.

Westworld (S4 - EP7) Metanoia
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