In Review: Westworld (S4 – EP3) Années Folles

Bernard awakes from his seven years in a virtual world for A.I's and seems to have all the answers.

Synopsis: In annees-folles Bernard awakes from his seven years in a virtual world for A.I’s and seems to have all the answers. Meanwhile, Maeve and Caleb explore the simulation of 1920s Chicago.


The Story

Having found themselves back at the Delos Theme Park in last week’s show. Maeve and Caleb set about exploring the simulation of 1920s Chicago. Their plan is to get underground to find out what Delos is up to.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere Bernard has awoken from a long period of time in some form of A.I. Virtual heaven and has awoken with quite a few of the answers and some new abilities. As Ashley picks Bernard up. The two wind up at some Dinar where Bernard seems to predict a series of events before they happen. From there they hook up with a member of some form of resistance group.

Elsewhere, Caleb’s wife and child are in serious danger as the guy that Caleb left with them has been replaced by one of Delos’s android hosts. Thankfully Caleb’s daughter is pretty sharp and points the threat out to her mother before he can take them away.

Back in the simulation of Chicago. Maeve and Caleb have waited for an opportunity to go into the belly of the new world that Delos has created. As they go into the belly of the beast they find out that it’s much different from the previous incarnation of Westworld. They also walk right into a clever trap that Hale and The Man in Black have laid out for them.


The Acting

Jeffrey Wright makes a welcome return this week as Bernard who has somehow been upgraded. Wright’s chemistry with Luke Hemsworth who plays his sidekick Ashley is fun to watch. They make for a really odd couple. However, it seems that Bernard’s role in things might well be just as mysterious as the Christine storyline that we have seen play out in the previous two episodes. Which has me wondering if those two characters will intercept at some stage.

We also get strong performances from Thandiwe Newton and Aaron Paul as Maeve and Caleb investigate the Delos complex and find out some things only to wind up walking into a trap. The scene where Caleb is desperately banging on the glass to try and save what he thinks is his young daughter is brilliantly acted. Also, the scenes where Maeve is pretty much guiding Caleb through the Chicago park were kind of fun too.



Annees-Folles is a pretty solid episode that adds a few more puzzle pieces to the mystery and builds on the previous two episodes. We get a nice shoot-out scene where a gangster comes in and shoots up a Chicago bar where Maeve and Caleb are hanging. This scene is punctuated by a brilliant instrumental composition of the classic Metallica song Enter Sandman, which fits perfectly with what is happening. Especially when you look at it from Maeve’s point of view.

Overall. A fun episode with plenty to chew on until next week.

Westworld (S4 - EP3) Années Folles
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