IN REVIEW: WESTWORLD (S3-EP8) – Crisis Theory

Caleb and Deloras prepare themselves for the end game. It's time to face the music.

Synopsis: Caleb and Deloras prepare themselves for the end game. It’s time to face the music.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Maeve and Deloras were deactivated due to Deloras who had lost an arm hitting the engage button on the Soloman supercomputer. Caleb who had learned the truth about how insight had been controlling people’s lives. Leaves the facility, but not before retrieving Delora’s memory pearl from her inactive host body. Following a set of instructions. Caleb finds himself at an abandoned building where he finds a replacement host body for Deloras, which he hooks up. While Deloras is putting her skin on she explains or tries to explain why she chose Caleb, all will become clear as we get to the close of the episode, but suffice to say. It is a fairly decent twist. Deloras tells Caleb that he is the leader of a new revolution as she helps him battle his way into insight before she is stopped and captured thanks to an unwelcome intervention from a virtual and rather pissed off Charlotte Hale. Caleb continues his mission to get to the Insight Building.

Elsewhere, Bernard and Stubbs have to fend off William who makes a play to kill them both with a shotgun. Stubbs hets shot up pretty bad, but Bernard fairs a little better thanks to an assist from the SFPD who happens to be led by Lawrence who we’ve not seen in a while. Lawrence gives Bernard a silver briefcase and tells him that he is part of Deloras’s plan and says, “You got to go see her. Here’s something to help you.”

Back at Seracs lair. We see that Maeve and Deloras. Maeve is awaiting her payment for services rendered while Deloras is hooked up to the supercomputer. Seroc asks Deloras for the Data from the Delos Immortality Project and says he will upload her to the sublime if she gives it to him. Deloras refuses to comply so Seroc orders that her memories be deleted. At some point, Caleb turns up and tries to upload Deloras’s little packages up to the computer, but is stopped by Maeve.

At this point, Maeve is getting upset. Serac promised her a happy ever after with her daughter. She tells him that Deloras doesn’t have to key, but he continues to delete her memories anyhow and plans to have Caleb killed. We then see Deloras’s final memory. She is stood in a field with Maeve and tells Maeve that she has two choices. One to end the human race. Or two, destroy their world and build another one where they can all live together peacefully. She also tells Maeve that she needs to choose a side.

Seeing Deloras’s plan for what it was. Maeve decides that it is time for Serac’s grip on the human race to end and chooses to help Caleb.


The Acting

We get a few great performances in this episode. Mainly from Evan Rachel Wood, Aaron Paul, and Thandie Newton who get a lot of great stuff to work with. Aaron Paul gets to play a rather confused Caleb as he begins to figure out why Deloras chose him. Thankfully by the close of the episode Maeve pretty much lays it out for him. It all comes down to certain choices that he made when he had free will and wasn’t being controlled by Serac’s algorithm. The scenes where Caleb confronts Serac play out brilliantly and are wonderfully paced.



This was a great season finale, which sees the death of one of the shows key characters but leaves the story at a wonderful cliffhanger for the 4th and probably final season in which I think Maeve and Caleb will try to rebuild from the ashes, but will likely have to deal with Charlotte Hale and Delos. We get a wonderful twist at the close of the episode, which concerns the Man in Black.


WESTWORLD (S3-EP8) – Crisis Theory
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