IN REVIEW: WESTWORLD (S3-EP6) – Decoherence

Charlotte Hale goes out of her way to Sabotage DELOS in order to try and stop Serac.

Synopsis: Charlotte Hale goes out of her way to Sabotage DELOS in order to try and stop Serac.

The Story

Having leaked all the information from the Insight Algorithm. Deloras has successfully thrown humanity into a state of chaos as people start to riot on the streets. The effects even go as far as the mental health hospital where William aka The Man In Black is being looked after. So much so that one of the therapists working with commits suicide by hanging herself shortly after receiving one of the texts the Deloras’s hack on Insight sent out.  Meanwhile, William is put through a series of jarring hallucinations via AR therapy and a series of drugs to keep him calm. But the hallucination, which sees him speaking with various aspects of himself while being moderated by his old boss is anything but calm.

Back at DELOS, the Charlotte Hale host is going all out to sabotage as much of it as she can before Serac is able to fully take over. But she has a difficult opponent in the form of Maeve who Sarec has plugged into the system.



Tessa Thompson puts in a hell of a performance in this episode as she portrays Charlotte Hale who is on a mission to try and fulfill her part of Deloras’s plan and reunite with her family. This is somewhat ironic given that the human Charlotte Hale that she replaced is so obsessed with work that she wasn’t as considerate to her family, which is something that Serac pulls her on late in the episode when he reveals that he has figured her out as the imposter.

We also get a great performance from Ed Harris as his character of William has to confront various aspects of his EGO via a bizarre drug-induced form of Augmented Reality Therapy. Thus allows for a return for Jimmi Simpson as the young version of William from before him becoming the Man in Black.


This was a pretty good episode that focused nicely on three characters storylines with that of Maeve, Charlotte Hale, and of course The Man in Black. I really enjoyed the pacing of this episode as we sort of got the feel of a three-way chess game going on between Maeve, Serac, and Charlotte Hale. The final scenes for Charlotte Hale are extra crispy and to say she is mad as hell would be a huge understatement. I can’t wait to see where all of this goes as we head into the last two episodes of the season.

WESTWORLD (S3-EP6) - Decoherence
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