Deloras executes her plans.

Synopsis: Deloras executes her plans.

The Story

This episode begins with some background information on Serac and his role in helping create ‘Insight’ the algorithm, which has been controlling everything in the world. Including people. We learn that it was Serac’s brother who created the Algorithm, which was bankrolled by Liam Dempsey Sr.

Back in the present day. Deloras, Caleb and Liam Dempsey Jr. set about the next stage in her plan, which requires Dempsey’s palm print in order to give Deloras access to the system. Her plan is to leak the truth about insight into the whole world, which includes letting people know what the algorithm had planned for them. Plans are complicated somewhat when young Dempsey gives Caleb an injection of the drug Genre while trying to escape.


The Acting

Aaron Paul puts in a pretty good performance and shows us the benefits of his ‘Breaking Bad’ experience when he shows us the various stages of coming down from quite a hefty hit of the drug Genre.  Evan Rachel Wood is as cool and intense as ever as Deloras and is pretty much satisfied with a job well done by the close of the episode, but you have to wonder what the escalation will be, which we’ll see next week.

Alexandre Bar proved to be good value as the younger version of Serac, who we see in flashbacks. His scenes with Jefferson Mays who plays Liam Dempsey Sr does a brilliant job. Particularly because these flashback scenes are important with regards to giving us the origins of ‘Insight’.



This was a decent episode, which escalates Deloras’s plans. I found the fact that Serac discovered that some human beings were immune to the effects of the Algorithm to be a fun addition to the plot. I also thought Caleb getting off his head through Genre was a nice touch.

Also rather enjoyable was some of the incidental music. Particularly the instrumental version of Ziggy Stardust, which was played while Deloras was working with Martin Connells to execute her plans and take over the algorithm.

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