In Review: Westworld – Phase Space

Fate plays a strong hand in this episode as do the choices that our various characters make. 

Synopsis: Maeve continues her search for her daughter; Dolores calculates her next move; Elsie gets closer to the truth about Delos.

Review: Fate plays a strong hand in this episode as do the choices that our various characters make.

The episode opens with what we can only assume is the present. We see Deloras running some kind of simulation with Bernard. Only Deloras seems to be the person in control of Bernard. She is replaying the same conversation over, which is likely based on the many conversations that she had with the real-life person whom Bernard is a composite of. The scene then shifts to the past and we see Deloras dealing with the newly reprogramed Teddy who has been given an edgier personality to the more gentle character that he was. This comes more to light when he shoots a Delos employee point blank in the head when Deloras is interrogating him.

Elsewhere The Man in Black AKA William doesn’t quite believe that his daughter has wound up back in Westworld and at first believes it to be one of Fords games but after a little convincing. His daughter talks him around and tries to talk him into leaving Westworld with her, but has little success.

Back in feudal Japan and after all business is sorted with regards to Akane’s revenge for the murder of Sakura. Meave and her party bid an emotional farewell as they continue there to search for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Bernard has plugged himself into a computer only to find that Ford has inserted his consciousness into the simulation.  While all of this is going on. Delos and Charlotte Hale have managed to bring certain systems back online and have learned that the train with Deloras and her party is heading their way.

Overall. This was a fantastic episode. We get a brilliantly written scene between Akane and Meave as the two woman bid farewell and choose whatever their fate might be.

By the close Meave is reunited with her Daughter, but as you will have correctly guessed. Meave’s daughter no longer knows who Meave is because she has been reprogrammed to bond with a newer host. We do get an interesting confrontation between Meave and one of the native Indians who pretty much tells Meave that they are on the same journey, which has me wondering if this will come into play further down the line.

The closing scene reconnects Bernard with Ford in the saloon.

We get a fantastically layered performance from Thandie Newton in this episode as Meave finally seems to get what she has been wanted, but the reunion she was hoping for is not on offer.

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