In Review: Westworld – Les Écorchés

Bernard meets with an unexpected old friend; The Cradle is under threat; Maeve encounters a scene from her past.

Synopsis: Bernard meets with an unexpected old friend; The Cradle is under threat; Maeve encounters a scene from her past.

Review: This weeks episode is somewhat Bookended with a scene where Charlotte Hale is interrogating Bernard for the whereabouts of Peter Abernathy’s control unit. From there the scene goes to what we’d perceive as the recent past. The Train has returned to the Cradle and Deloras, Teddy and the gang launch a merciless attach in order to get to Peter Abernathy. Hale and a handful of the human’s manage to escape the attack.

Elsewhere Bernard is still logged directly into the computer’s mainframe where he has found an avatar of sorts of Westworld’s former lead creative Robert Ford. Bernard gets a huge info dump from Ford who then proceeds to reprogram Bernard by removing his free will.

Meanwhile, Meave winds up reliving the trauma involving her young daughter and winds up getting shot and is mortally wounded. Lee Sizemore manages to get Meave out and back to The Cradle where he hopes to save her life, but unfortunately, things don’t quite work out.

Overall. With just three episodes left of the second season. This episode seemed to reveal quite a bit with regards to the full scale of Delos Corps plans for the hosts and the fact that Deloras knows what Delos is planning and is determined to put a stop to them by any means necessary. We get a nice final scene between Maeve and Deloras where Mave pretty much tells Deloras that she is running around in the Dark. Maeve obviously doesn’t condone Deloras’s methods and pretty much says as much. At the same time, Deloras learns that Maeve’s motivations were more those of a protective mother than they were about world domination and so forth.

The most interesting aspect of this episode though is the sudden reappearance of Ford and the fact that he now seems to be controlling Bernard. Ford realizes it is the end of for Westworld, but pretty much sees this end as a new beginning for something else, but what could that something else be?

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