In Review: Watchmen – She Was Killed by Space Junk

FBI agent Laurie Blake heads to Tulsa to take over the murder case. Far away, the Lord of the Estate attracts unwelcome attention. 

Synopsis: FBI agent Laurie Blake heads to Tulsa to take over the murder case. Far away, the Lord of the Estate attracts unwelcome attention.

Review: This episode sees the FBI sent to investigate the murder in Tulsa. For this task, they make use of a very agent with ties to the past.

The Story

The FBI sends Agent Laurie Blake to investigate the recent murder of Chief Judd, but this FBI agent has a past and is not really doing too much to hide the fact that she was once Silk Spectre. Agent Blake wastes little time with pleasantries and gets straight to work on questioning the various members of Tulsa’s masked police force. She even goes as far as to refer to them by their real names in some effort to unnerve them.

Of course, Agent Blake shows great interest in Angela Abar aka Sister Night. She

Meanwhile on the Estate Adrian Veidt is doing various strange and weird recreational experiments, which seem to be of a somewhat nihilistic nature. But when he shoots a Bison with his bow and arrow he attracts unwelcome attention from the game warden. It appears that Mr. Veidt did some sort of deal in order to be under a comfortable form of house arrest, but he is now getting bored and is looking to renegotiate the terms by any means fair or foul.

The Acting

Jean Smart makes a brilliant first impression as Agent Blake, who used to be better known as Silk Spectre, but did some sort of deal with the FBI and now serves on their masked vigilante task force. I loved the phone call she is making to Dr. Manhattan who is on Mars. This phone call is used to sort of frame the episode and it arguably works. It also leads up to the final moments of the episode as we see it very nearly live up to the title of the episode.

I also loved her scene with Looking Glass when she makes use of his masked face to pick something from her teeth. She has some funny moments, which all come off brilliantly well.


This for me is perhaps the most enjoyable episode to date. I loved how we got Agent Blake talking about the past via a phone call and how it was all juxtaposed with the present day. I also thought that the scenes with Adrian were quite funny. Especially when he is dictating his letter back to the game warden.

Watchmen - She Was Killed by Space Junk
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