In Review: Watchmen – Little Fear of Lightning

The truth behind the greatest hoax in US history gets revealed

Synopsis: The truth behind the greatest hoax in US history gets revealed, The smartest Man in the World plots a daring escape.

Review: This episode reveals a significant amount about Looking Glass and his backstory as well as an awesome reveal that ties back to a certain giant squid.

The Story

The episode begins in 1985 at a fairground somewhere in New Jersey. We meet a young Wade Tillman who believes the Russians are going to attack. He meets a young girl who takes him into the house of mirrors and seduces him in order to steal his clothes and runs off. As she runs out of the house of mirrors there’s a huge explosion outside. Wade who is naked walks out to find out what has happened. He is terrified. We later learn that this was the psychic aftershocks of the Squid landing in Manhattan. The very same Squid from the comic book.

The scene changes to the present where we see Wade sitting watching a focus group tell some advertisers that their advert is great. Wade is there to determine if they are telling the truth. This is his job when he is not being Looking Glass.

The episode puts a great deal of focus on Wade and the PTSD and survivors’ guilt he had lived with since surviving the blast. It also sees him forced into making a decision that could change everything. Especially when it comes to one of his most trusted relationships.

It is also through Wade and an encounter he has that we learn the truth about one of America’s most shattering events. An event, which we learn was completely orchestrated by a certain member of The Watchmen.

The Acting

Tim Blake Nelson puts in a fantastic performance as Wade who goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride as he learns that pretty much his whole existence has been predicated on a lie. The scene where he is on the phone to a company in order to get a replacement alarm system for his home is very truthful and fun to watch.


This is probably the best episode we have had to date when it comes to delving into the mythology of the comic book and putting a new spin on things. And it is one that will most likely be discussed at the water cooler. Especially given what happens to Sister Night as well as what was revealed to Wade in order to manipulate him.

Watchmen - Little Fear of Lightning
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