In Review: Watchmen – If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own

Angela turns to Looking Glas as Blake inches closer to the truth. 

Synopsis: Trillionaire Lady Trieu makes a mysterious offer. Angela turns to Looking Glas as Blake inches closer to the truth.

Review: We get a fairly strong introduction for Lady Trieu in this episode.

The Story

Please note that this review includes some mild spoilers.

This episode opens up with a strong introduction for Trillionaire Lady Trieu, which sees he visiting Mr. and Mrs. Collins with an offer for their house and the land surrounding it, which involves a baby and a generous 5 Million Dollars.

We then move to Angela who is looking into her family tree to find out if she really is related to the mysterious Will Reeves, but as Angela is leaving the center, which traces peoples family tree’s she bumps into Agent Blake, who has just narrowly avoided having Angela’s stolen car dropped on her. As the episode develops Angela and Agent Blake spend a fair bit of time together investigating the theft of Angela’s car, which eventually leads them to a massive complex where they have a strange meeting with Lady Trieu, who seemingly has a connection to Will Reeves.

Back in his Exile. Adrian Veidt has gone fishing for babies. I kid you not. He was fishing babies out of water. He then returned to his complex and placed them in a machine to accelerate their age to adulthood and proceeded to train them as replacement servants to replace his old ones, which he had seemingly killed in a fit of rage. It all is rather odd, and that’s putting it mildly, but the bottom line is Veidt is trying to escape his exile.

The Acting

Hong Chau makes an impressive and scary entrance as Lady Trieu, who looks like she is going to be a fairly formidable woman in episodes to come.

Jean Smart has some nice scenes with Regina King who spends most of the episode dressed as Sister Night. I loved the scene where they meet Lady Trieu and the brief exchange between Sister Night aka Angela and Trieu.


The plot is definitely thickening but beyond a few small clues. I’m still not sure where the story is going. All we really know is that the dead police chief was also a member of the Klan and possibly had a connection to the Cavalry, which is information that Angela is holding back from Agent Blake.

We know that Adrian Veidt is even crazier than the version we saw in the movie adaptation.  And we also learn that Lady Trieu purchased Veidt’s old company after he disappeared or went into exile.

Overall. A fun episode with a lot of clues and some fun moments and a great incidental soundtrack.

Watchmen - If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own
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