In Review: Watchmen – An Almost Religious Awe

Angela Undergoes a strange treatment.

Synopsis: Angela Undergoes a strange treatment. The Smartest Man in The World delivers a stunning defense of his actions.

Review: This episode joins a few pretty substantial dots.

The Story

Angela is now under the care of Lady Trieu who is bringing her down off the Nostalgia, drug, which she took an overdose of in last week’s episode. The object of the treatment is to removed Will Reeves’s memories from Angela and restore her own. This offers us a few glimpses into Angela’s childhood in Vietnam where she witnessed her mother and father get killed by a suicide bomber.

While Angela is under Lady Trieu’s care Agent Blake armed with all the information that Angela’s Nostalgia trip gave her goes to tell Mrs. Crawford that it was Angela’s grandfather. The original Hooded Justice that killed her Husband Judd. She goes on to explain that Judd was suspected to have been involved with the seventh cavalry, which she thinks was a revival of cyclops, which was the memory altering wing of the KKK that Hooded Justice took out of commission. At this point, Mrs. Crawford reveals herself and confesses to being a part of it right before sending Agent Blake down a trap door to meet with senator Joe Keene, who has a very dangerous plan that could give the White Supremacist more power than they could possibly imagine.

The Acting

Hong Chau absolutely rocks it as Lady Trieu who proves to be a much bigger player in things than we first thought. Her scenes with Angela are really nicely done and with just the right level of condescension given that Trieu has somewhat of a superiority complex much like a former member of The Watchmen.

Regina King also played a blinder as Angela who has quite a lot to deal with this week as she reconciles herself to the fact that her grandfather murdered Judd, who she considered being a friend. But also has to deal with the reasons for that murder, which turn out to be so much bigger by the close of the episode.


While not quite as fun as last week’s episode. This week’s installment finishes on a massive plot reveal, which could hold massive implications in the weeks ahead.

Watchmen - An Almost Religious Awe
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