In Review: Watchmen – A God Walks into a Bar

Angela's mysterious pas in Vietnam is at last revealed.

Synopsis: Angela’s mysterious pas in Vietnam is at last revealed.

Review: The penultimate episode of the season blows the doors wide open on Angela’s past.

The Story

Set in 2009 this episode tells the story about the circumstances, which caused Angela to leave Vietnam and move to Tulsa. When Dr. Manhattan walks to a bar in Vietnam he sits down with Angela and tells her that he is in love with her. Of course, Angela is initially skeptical that this really is Dr. Manhattan, but over the course of the episode, she gradually believes the story that he tells, which to him is entirely none linear given that he experiences time different to ordinary human beings.

The episode also solves the mystery behind where Adrian Veidt has been in terms of him not being on planet earth. We learn that Dr. Manhattan sent Veidt to a moon called Europa, which he has made into a beautiful planet with human beings that worshipped him. Veidt asked to be sent there in exchange for a device that would wipe Dr. Manhattan’s memories of his superpowers so that he’d be able to live an ordinary life with Angela and make a new start for themselves in Tulsa.

Back in the present day, Angela does all she can to save Dr. Manhattan from the Seventh Cavalry, who plans to teleport and use him for their own ends.

The Acting

Regina King puts in a wonderful performance. Her scenes in the bar with Dr. Manhattan are filled with some cracking banter as she doesn’t initially quite believe he is who he claims to be. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II also puts in a great performance as he is revealed to be the current day incarnation of Manhattan. The scenes where he is slowly getting his memories back of his powers are really brilliantly done.


A great episode, which concludes in a shocking way. Shocking for Angela, but predictable for the rest of us given that Dr. Manhattan had prepared us all for the moment, but how will all of this be resolved.

Watchmen - A God Walks into a Bar
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