In Review: Warrior Orb (PC)

A sometimes frustrating, but fun platformer

Demons, giants, mutants, and a talking Ball with hybrid limbs?! In WarriOrb you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body. The path ahead is not an easy one. Will you do whatever it takes to regain your freedom?


The Game

Released on 28 April at a modest £14.99 on Steam. Warrior Orb is a fun, but often frustrating platform game that will likely have you chucking your controller at the screen, but dusting it off for one more try.

The game’s premise sees you assume the role of a demon who due to a curse has been trapped in an orb-like body. The task ahead sees you having to fight, platform, and puzzle your way through in order to break free of this orb-like existence.


The Graphics

The graphics to this game are nothing particularly groundbreaking insofar as what can be done now, but they are surprisingly crisp and good looking for an indie game. Much love has been put into developing what I’d say is a unique and quirky look with some fun character models and backgrounds.

The game has a fun story element to it, which is presented in brief loading screens that pop up throughout the game as you slowly progress or accept a particular challenge that is leveled at you.



The controls for the game are fairly standard insofar as playing on your keyboard or with a gamepad. I usually choose the latter. It falls down a little however in regards to the responsiveness of the movement of the game character. There seemed to be a little bit of lag time when moving and jumping around, but with a little perseverance, you eventually get used to it.

The game is partially a platformer with some interesting puzzles for you to solve and half combat, which sees you taking on enemies with a combination of a hack and slash with a weapon or wielding magical spells that you pick up along the way. Unfortunately, the combat system suffers a little more from the lag issue than the jumping and rolling.



Warrior Orb has a fun premise and some interesting ideas, and you can tell that a lot of love has been put into it, but the laggy controls will likely frustrate the more casual gamer and would likely not enjoy to much replayability.

The game as some nice ideas and the premise is certainly an attention grabber, but I feel a little more work on smoothing out the control system so it was not so laggy would improve things immensely. Thankfully an update called “The Forgiving Controls” was released early yesterday. So that may improve things somewhat. This review is based on how the game played before this update.

You can check out Warrior Orb here on Steam. 

Warrior Orb (PC)
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