In Review: Warrior Nun Season Two (Netflix)

Picking up the story a few months after the events that played out in season one. The second season sees the OCS licking its wounds after its first confrontation with Adriel.
Warrior Nun

Synopsis: Warrior Nun season two gets off to a quick start when Ava and Beatrice jump into action they meet an ally eager to take down the self-proclaimed prophet Adriel and his followers. Tragedy strikes at the convent.


The Story

Picking up the story a few months after the events that played out in season one. The second season sees the OCS licking its wounds after its first confrontation with Adriel. Ave and Beatrice are undercover running a bar in Madrid. While Mother Superion and Sister Camilla have remained at the convent. While Sister Lillith is searching for Shotgun Mary.

Things pick up when Ava meets a new guy called Miguel who is a member of a group called The Samaritans who are looking to undermine and take down Adriel and his cult. But before the plot can really get moving. We get an attack on a few Convents in which lots of Nuns are killed. And we also find out through Lillith’s investigation that Shotgun Mary. My favorite character from last season has died. Thankfully, not too much time is wasted with melodramatics about these tragic losses. As Adriel has been gathering strength and has built a huge religious cult, which threatens to outgrow the Roman Catholic Church. Heaven Forbid, we can’t have that.

As thing progress. Lillith who developed mysterious powers in the last series seems to be evolving and not knowing where to turn she first goes to her mother. Who is about as sympathetic as a serial killer, which forces her to turn to Adriel who apparently knows what she is and helps her embrace her new skills. Meanwhile, having gone on a mission with Miguel that leads nowhere fast. Ave and Beatrice reconnect with Mother Superion and Sister Camilla. But it turns out that another sister from a different secret organization of nuns has been tracking them and holds the key to defeating Adriel. Turns out that she knows the location of the Crown of Thorns as worn by Jesus when he died on the cross. Seemingly Ava’s powers can connect to the crown, which can do some harm to Adriel. But it seems that there is another Adriel Killer in the mist. As Miguel turns up to help the sisters and eventually reveals that he is really the son of Jillian Salvius who went missing in the last series when he was sent to another dimension through a portal. We learn that Miguel who is really called Michael met a supernatural or godlike being called Reya who apparently used to be in charge of Adriel before he went rogue the first time, which was about 1000 years ago. However, Michael has returned to his mother a fully grown man. As time passes differently on the other side of the universe. 

As this second season pushes on. We get to see a few great fights as the nuns do their thing in the ongoing fight against Adriel and his cult. But we also see some rather uncomfortable torture scenes where the newly installed pope tortures one of Adriel’s followers with Thumb Screws, but then resorts to an Iron Maiden. Thankfully the guy submits before they actually shut the door on the iron maiden. But the absolute best fight is the confrontation between Ava and Lillith in episode 6.


The Acting



Alba Baptista continues from where she left off in the first series. Only this season Ava is becoming a little more comfortable in her role as the Halo bearer and has formed a very close relationship with Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) who has acted as Ava’s trainer, but also a best friend. But there is a little more than friendship going on here. Sylvia De Fanti continues to be firm but fair as the Mother Superion and she gets a brilliant few moments in episode six where we see what happened to her when she was the Halo Bearer. Newcomer Meena Rayann adds to the dynamics of the team as Sister Yasmin, who is a skilled hacker and archivist but gets a crash course in ass-kicking from the sisters. 

William Miller goes full-on religious supervillain as Adriel who seriously messes the nuns and Ava up throughout the show as he seems to know about their plans. Lorena Andrea also proves to be somewhat of a difficult foe as we once again see Sister Lillith break bad and open some whoop ass on Ava. I really liked Lillith’s storyline throughout this second series and like that she is somewhat more complex than either a good guy or a villain.



This second season has a lot more action than the first season, which sadly got a little bogged down with Ava trying to come to terms with herself after finding that she has gone from a dead paraplegic to a Halo Bearing Kick Ass nun. Instead, this second season hits the ground running and only stops now and then to provide some key pieces of information that the Nuns need in their battle against evil.

I also liked how the Nuns seriously get tested throughout the show. Especially Ava who really gets seriously kicked and knocked about throughout. The addition of Reya as the godlike entity that is looking to help end Adriel was an interesting touch and should the series get a third season. I’m pretty sure we’ll get to learn more about her.

I loved the continued usage of religious iconography throughout the show as well as its depiction of the Catholic Church and how it would react to a demonic entity that looked to undermine it. Thumb Screws and all apparently.

Overall. Compared to the first season, which was a little slow to get going. This second season was like a really fast sports car in comparison. All the actors truly commit to their roles and the writing offers up some clever twists as we see religion crossover a little with science.

Overall. Brilliant fun, but with how this ends. We just have to see a season three or at the very least a TV movie to wrap up loose ends.


Both season One and Two of Warrior Nun are available to view on Netflix. 


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