In Review: War Mother #4

The technorganic battle reaches its climax.

Synopsis: It has all led to this. The War Mother against her doppelgänger. With her people’s lives in the balance, Ana races to save her people, yet the Montana has other designs. Try as she might, the deadly labyrinth keeps her from her charges. After discerning how to overcome this maze, Ana faces her dark clone in a firefight. And even if the original War Mother proves triumphant, what will happen to her people? They came to the Montana in search of a new home and avoid starvation. Ana may win the battle, but she very well may lose the war.

Review: As a fan of science fiction, specifically Star Trek, sometimes tech jargon bogs down the premise, conflict, or resolution of a story. Issue #4 is completely guilty of this fact. There were times during this issue where it was difficult to comprehend what was being said, and how it would alter the scenario. Take Ana figuring out hat the best way through the Montana was to use special static charges to blow through the floors and walls. Even her bio-computer Flaco has very little idea what she is talking about. Here is where I am reminded that none of what is being said really matters, for the writer has clued the reader to a linchpin idea. It doesn’t matter here, and it doesn’t matter in the countless stories of wizards and spaceships. The last issue delivered on action, suspense, character development, and drama. This is a recipe for a strong closing for an arc.

The final issue in the arc is incredibly fast paced. Ana moves at breakneck speeds, and the amorphous cleansed and doppelgänger’s movements are incredibly fluid. There is so much going on from panel to panel, yet things never seem cluttered at all. Moreover, it elevates each scene with a level of tension that really focuses the reader’s attention on the dire straits.

War Mother is a bizarre series, but it works well in a myriad of ways. It shows a woman in power, struggling  to be mother to both her family and people, while literally being a deadly fighter. Stories like this exist, but Valiant has once again set the bar for this kind of storytelling.

War Mother #4
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