In Review: War Mother #3

Sentient guns have feeling too...apparently.

Synopsis: Ana is faced with her own worst enemy. That enemy is a perverted version of herself, complete with Flaco. The War Mother must fight fiercely to overcome her foe and The Montana itself to save her people. Once she regains Flaco, her decision to leave him instantly causes a deadly rift between them. While Ana fights to save herself, her people move ever closer to their doom. However, the real death knell may come from the secrets Ana’s loved ones are keeping from her. Dark times loom over the people of the Grove and their protector.

Review: War Mother does something that I absolutely love. It is quite simple, and many comic series fail to do it. This series shows consequences. All actions, however noble, have consequences. The reprisal for Ana leaving her sentient gun behind to save her people is his unwillingness to instantly reform their partnership. It is interesting to see Flaco confront Ana with the choices that she makes. They may be the choices that must be made, but the fallout is that he feels abandoned. They are partners, and most partnerships on built on a foundation of equality. The resolution to this issue give great insight into how Ana views not only Flaco but herself.

From the cover to the final page, War Mother # 3 is gorgeous. There is no way around it. Mack deftly conveys so much emotion with a masterful economy. This is carried throughout the issue with Segovia to an extent. Yes, panel after panel delivers over the top violence, but the quieter pages add an emotional heft that gives the story a strong backbone. The panels between Ignacio and Laura are prime examples of the slower moments of the series being the most influential.

The next issue of War Mother will finally bring cataclysm, yet there is a sense of beauty in the chaos that is this world where the Jade reigns supreme. Even if Ana is able to overcome the dangers of The Montana to save her people, those people may self destruct from the inside out regardless. Whatever happens, I await with bated breath.

War Mother #3
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