In Review: War Mother #2

Paradise lost: hell found.

Synopsis: Ana and her sentient gun have been trapped inside the mysterious Montana. What should have been salvation for her people has been become their doom. Worse, the War Mother has become separated from Flaco, but their bond still remains. This particular bond, along with those of her people, are being tested by both external and internal forces. The cards are stacked against them. Will these weary travelers traverse the Jade safely only to be torn apart by the horrors that lie in the wilderness and within themselves. Can Ana saver herself and Flaco from their imprisonment in time to stop the trap by the adversaries known only as The Cleansed?

Review: Seeing Ana restrained, but defiant, is a great way to open issue #2. She remains defiant and in control. Panels like these go a long way into demonstrating how suited Ana is for this type of situation. Even when the traders are gutted in front of her, the shock does not sway her. She does not fear for her life but the life of others. The teamwork between Ana and Flaco is effortless. Yet the realization Flaco makes when Ana is reminded of imminent arrival of her people, forces Ana to impose a hierarchy of importance. It makes for an interesting dichotomy because they are parts of each other yet distinct, and it is that distinction that causes the rift between the two.

The art for War Mother is gorgeous and crisp while conveying a sense chaos. It is a balance that is hard to strike. Panel by panel, we are ushered through this world, but following this book is not easy. It jumps in a sort of organized chaos, and it absolutely works. The villains with their aristocratic garb and masks are the sort of creepy that can only come from a sci-fi bio-organic tale of terror. Plus, the final page has a weird cliffhanger that I believe we should all come to expect from the rest of this series.

War Mother is doing some bizarre and gorgeous storytelling. It has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the 4001 A.D. line from Valiant. The nest issues promise to be insane, so the best is yet to come.

War Mother #2
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