In Review: WandaVision – The Series Finale (S1 Ep. 9)

In "The Season Finale" events from last week's episode are concluded. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) deals with the wayward Agatha Harkness
The Series Finale

Synopsis: In “The Series Finale” events from last week’s episode are concluded. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) deals with the wayward Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). But that’s not all she must deal with. As Director Hayward closes in, life as she has come to know it can’t continue. So, once more Wanda and Vision’s (Paul Bettany) love is put to the test. Consequently, more turmoil and high drama.



What picking up the scene from last week’s episode ending lost in tension, it made up for in excitement. But the suddenness did jar a little. Perhaps that’s the only criticism from an otherwise fine finale. It should be noted that “The Series Finale” had a lot to pack in, and that may explain why we saw action, from the off. We saw more of two of the things we spoke about, before the season began. For example, in WandaVision – Five Things To Expect, we highlighted the importance of further character development, as well as MCU story arc building. Unsurprisingly, both were linked. Tying in Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) moving on, and her beginning to explore her powers further was a smart move. “The Season Finale” did a fine job, writing wise, of weaving both these aspects into a single entity.

Love was again the “loudest” theme. Elements discussed in A Scarlet Spell and Vision’s Vision featured. These two poems, from May The Verse Be With You deal with the complexity of love. The final scene of the episode showed just how difficult letting go can be. What this proved is that the MCU deals with deeply human stories. Yes, there’s powers, magic and suspension of disbelief, but as “The Season Finale”proved, when it comes to it, it’s about people. As ever, things were left open now, and the story world forever altered.


The full range of some top talent was again on offer, here. In previous weeks we saw fun, humour and lightheartedness done really well, by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. But here, we needed intense emotion, and got it in abundance. Ultimately, when you watch, you have to care. The above mentioned final scene was poignant, steeped in tragedy. Kathryn Hahn as Agatha HarknessĀ  gave a considered depiction, too. A fine display of the fear and vulnerability, beneath the mask of her character’s anger, owing to her past.

CGI & Effects

The fight scenes were superbly created. It’s clear how much Disney are investing, and what they have available. They are way beyond pretty much anyone else, in this aspect of visual storytelling. The standout visual has to be the final confrontation between Wanda and Agatha. Her emergence as The Scarlet Witch was superb. And, it resonated with ideas discussed in From Wanda Maximoff To Scarlet Witch. Her new costume was very impressive, with the horned tiara emerging a great tribute to comic-book origins, too. Something that stood out was the full extent of her potential, now. A visual treat, done with much thoughtfulness, for maxi(moff!)mum impact.


When you tune into watch the final episode of a season long story, you expect big things. That’s understandable. “The Series Finale”, didn’t disappoint. Though, it perhaps wasn’t the best episode, this season. But there’s no reason it has to be. We have that expectation, as automatic, somehow. Perhaps even we even feel entitled to it. What this episode did was tie up what needed to be tied up, and then move things on, for next time. This is where the quality of the writing really comes through. That’s how things should be, what helps maintain freshness. Especially in an extended universe, where so much is going on. Talking of which (Witch -sorry/not sorry!) . . .

The final, final post credit scene (you always have to watch to the end in The MCU) gave us a glimpse of where Wanda is now. This was always her show, primarily. Paul Bettany, as Vision, was of course essential, but nevertheless secondary to Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/the Scarlet Witch. A finely done tale of essential growth, into what promises to be a fascinating character, going forward.



WandaVision has now ended its debut season. Season Two’s not yet confirmed. We’ll feature the show in coming PodCast Episodes.


In Review: WandaVision - The Season Finale (S1 Ep. 9)
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